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Builder knocks his head against the wall. Stressed worker in hard hat stands on construction site and knocks his head against the concrete wall, self-condemnation and self-reproach

Tired business woman working with headache in home office. Stressed businesswoman upset by bad financial report. Tired woman leaning back at workplace. Female employee thinking about work in office

Upset businessman finding mistakes in documents in office. Close up frustrated worker looking at laptop computer at home office. Sad business man reading finance report at notebook indoors


Sad young businessman sitting on the stairs near office building. Tired putting hands to the head. Male office worker in despair lost job. Feeling bad and annoyed.

Focused business woman working on laptop computer in home office. Disappointed business analyst found mistake in financial report. Stress at work. Sad businesswoman leaning back at workplace

Afro business man looking at diagrams in hipster office office. Closeup disappointed african guy finding mistake in documents at workplace. Sad african american male employee feeling upset indoor

Upset businessman looking at business reports on documents at home workplace. Sad male manager thinking about work in home office. Portrait of stressed business man sitting at table with laptop

Worried Businessman Business Man Working With Laptop Pc In Office

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky, 4K

Frustrated businessman getting bad results on laptop computer at home office. Upset guy reading news on computer screen at remote workplace. Portrait of sad business man working laptop at home kitchen

Tired Businessman Business Man With Headache In Office Meeting Room

Annoyed woman tired at work. Upset marketer thinking about business down statistic. Sad businesswoman with bad mood taking phone in hand. Worried business employee working in office

Close-up of stressed businessman massaging his temples

Tired businessman touching head by hands while analyzing data in night office. Overworked businessman having headache in dark office. Stressed business man having bad period of time

An upset man at his laptop.

Back view unrecognizable businessman looking at bad statistics on papers. Worried professional touching head with hands at workplace. Sad business man sitting at table in office with laptop

Sad worker after long years of service getting fired. He leaves the office with a cardboard box

Young sad businessman in protective face mask walking down the stairs outdoor with box of stuff as leaving business center. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic. Male office worker lost her job

4 Woman In Office Conference Room Feels Sick At Meeting

Unemployed sad businessman sitting on pavement with cardboard

Depressed businessman sitting at computer

Close up exhausted man walking in casual clothing near modern building. Tired businessman carrying suit jacket at street. Upset man walking outdoor near business building.

Sad woman working laptop computer at kitchen. Unhappy person use computer technology at home. Worried girl stress at freelance work at home workplace. Upset woman looking at laptop screen

Emotional disappointed Corporate worker gets fired and walking near office center with carton box and documents with a table flower. Lost His Job. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic.

Sad, unhappy businessman walking by window

Tired business man touching head in dark office. Sad guy working hard on laptop. Overworked business man working late in night office.

Close up upset business woman reading documents in office. Sad professional checking data in papers in slow motion. Stressed businesswoman working with financial report and laptop computer indoor.

Sad female employee leaving the office after being fired, employment and crisis concept

Sad, shocked businessman working on laptop by table at home, 4K

Sad, desperate businessman standing by window in the office,

Sad Girl Crying For Problems In Office Toilets With Friend

Focused business man getting bad results on computer at home office. Shocked guy feeling upset at remote workplace. Portrait of sad business man working laptop computer at home kitchen

Angry mid-adult CEO scolding young female employee in business center and leaving sad Caucasian woman with documents in hall. Conflict of employer and white-collar worker.

Sad young office worker

7 Bored White Collar Office Worker Throwing Paper Airplane

Irritated bearded male manager scolding, criticizing stressed female employee for incompetence at cafe. Sad beautiful employee in apron receiving fair reprimand from restaurant owner indoors.

Sad Businessman Holding a Mobile Close to his Chin

Closeup sad businesswoman face focusing on job. Portrait of female manager thinking at office. Thoughtful business woman working indoors. Portrait of serious lady finding solution at home office

Impatient Manager Upset For Computer Problems At Work In Office

Evil business man throwing data document on computer table in dark office. Stressed business analyst working late in night office. Exhausted man having problem at work.

Sad employee packing her belongings and leaving the office after being fired

Sad tired african american business man touching head working hard on laptop upset exhausted young office work worried sleepy stressed frustrated employee corporate slow motion

Portrait of concerned sad young lady in formal clothes looking away and down, thinking about her problem. Woman with long hair is in the office. Working process. Workplace. Office space.

Redhair business woman leave the office after being fired

Businessman sitting on stairs near office center with carton box and documents with a table flower as lost job. Male office worker in despair lost job. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic.

Young, sleepy businessman sitting on armchair by the window

Portrait of afro business man looking documents in coworking. Closeup annoyed african american professional crumpling paper in creative office. Disappointed african guy throwing paper in office

Close up upset businessman finding mistakes in documents. Sad employee looking papers indoor in slow motion. Portrait of disappointed business man comparing results in papers and laptop in home office