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Faithful female in sundress standing on green field, saying prayers to god, asking for forgiveness, mercy and support while meditating in summer nature in rays of rising sun.

Portrait of Christian African American woman with eye closed holding catholic rosary, saying prayers, asking for bless, mercy and peace while standing on green field in morning

Rosary in the hands of an elderly woman, close-up. Concept: religion, spirituality, meditation

Altar with candles and unidentified prayers standing in front of icons in an Orthodox Church. Eastern Europe, cca. 2017

Side tilt footage of Biracial muslim man atoning for his sins during prayers to Allah in sajdah position at home

Close up tilt down shot of African American man holding hands clasped and saying prayers at home


A young African American woman offers her prayers with sincerity and humility sitting on bench in church

High angle view of unrecognizable religious man sitting during namaz on floor and counting number of said prayers using phalanges

An old Muslim prayer in mosque, two youth prayers in background, medium

Side chest up footage of Arab bearded muslim in thobe finishing his prayers to Allah at home with passing his hands over face and body and then getting up

Diverse group of prayers holding Bible books listening to pastor during Sunday service in Church

Drone view of the dome and spire of the temple of the Golden Abode of Shakyamuni Buddha. A majestic building where prayers, rituals and

Church candles burn in the Church - the prayerful request before the Lord and a symbol of the prayers of a believer. The candle flame in the Church is the image of eternal Light.

Seeking Divine Aid: Brazilian Woman's Prayers Emanate Hope, Desperation on Kitchen Floor

Faithful Black Woman Praying Raising Arms In The Air African Mixed Race Famel In Prayer


2023-06-01 - Kandy, Sri Lanka. Inside Sri Dalada Maligawa, devotees prayers, flowers. Traditional worship, atmosphere wood architecture

Aerial Sholat Ied 2

Silhouetted Person Opens Hands To Reveal The Sun

Flame flickers on oil lamps lined in Buddhist temple for evening prayers. Peaceful ambiance as lights burn in spiritual place. Traditional

Denpasar City Bali, Indonesia, April, 2023: Thousand of Muslims Gather to Celebrate Islam Eid al-Fitr Salah, Praying in a Park in Denpasar City, Bali

Full footage of muslim father in white kandora reading prayers and rules from Quran and holding tasbih while educating his little son to use beads in living room in evening


Side midsection shot of anonymous woman reading prayers over wooden cup with pentagram symbol while performing ceremony of evoking dark forces with friends at night

Black Israeli soldier prayers at Western Wall in Jerusalem Israel IDF

Candles flicker on temple floor amid flower offerings during Buddhist ritual. Devotees perform prayers, spirituality resonates. Traditional

Side closeup of anonymous muslim person counting number of said prayers using phalanges on left hand indoors

An open Quran lying on a table with a prayers bead lying on it, the shot approaches the Quran


Medium long shot of lady reading prayers in Latin from occult book and guy lighting palo santo stick to exorcise devils from friends body, drawing cross with embers on writhing girls forehead indoors

An old Muslim prayer in mosque, two youth prayers in background, dolly shot

Western Wall (Wailing Wall) Prayers

A man meditates with a wooden rosary while sitting on a rock by the sea

Online Quran Reciting, muslim hijab girl following the quran on her phone screen, worship in the mosque, muslim prayers inside masjid


Oil lamps burn at twilight in peaceful temple ritual. Devotees offer prayers, wicks in serene sacredFlame glows hope, faith in spirituality

Modern Muslim Woman on Hijab Southeast Asian - Praying to God Islam, Salah Salat, Kneeling


Medium shot of demon possessed girl convulsing on chair while guy filming her on video camera and panicking friend telling to find prayers in occult book to cast out evil spirit in abandoned house

An African teenager with a prays to Allah with his hands open at the mosque, muslim men worship by performing mosque prayers

Holy Red Candles For Prayers And Wishes In Church 13


Faisal Masjid in Islamabad at twilight Prayers gathered in largest Mosque in Pakistan to eat Iftari, Ramazan, Aerial

The circling around Kaaba


Medium long shot of diverse adolescents seeking prayers in Latin in occult book to perform exorcism rites on their writhing demon obsessed girl friend who tied up with rope to chair in old house


Marble Buddha statue sits at night in serene temple, lit softly against dark forest backdrop. Sacred site emanates tranquility, spiritual

Young adult pastor leading prayers in Catholic church


Faisal Masjid in Islamabad at twilight Prayers gathered in largest Mosque in Pakistan to eat Iftari, Ramazan, Aerial

High angle footage of muslim family members sitting on floor and listening to head of family reading prayers and basic rules from mini Koran and educating little son at home

Klaten, Indonesia - June 29 2023: Muslim congregation praying during Eid al-Adha islam holiday in park

People Praying with The Monk in Angkor Wat Siem Reap, Cambodia


Top view of three diverse teenagers sitting on floor among lit candles and performing ceremony with occult book, saying prayers and evoking evil spirits in forsaken house


Closeup of unrecognizable guy drawing black cross with ember of palo santo wood stick on forehead of writhing demoniac girl while friend reading prayers from occult book, exorcism ceremony indoors


Medium close-up of young African American girl sitting with family together around table for lunch on weekend or holiday, taking each others hands, closing eyes and saying prayers before eating