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Woman Picking Peaches

People picking grape during harvest season. Women cutting grapes during the harvesting process. Slow motion. Erbusco, Italy - September 25, 2019

Organic fresh harvested vegetables. Farmer`s hands holding fresh radish, closeup.

Asian woman picking and buying papaya in wet market of Thailand

A woman farmer walks through a green cornfield. Farming and agro business concept.

Woman picking cherries at the garden

People picking grape during harvest season. Women cutting grapes during the harvesting process. Slow motion. Erbusco, Italy - September 25, 2019

Hand Picking Wild Berry in Forest. Closeup.

Putting Apples In A Crate

Medium portrait of young Indonesian girl in pink clothes and shawl standing among bushes looking at camera smiling holding big bucket of freshly picked by hands coffee cherries

Afro american woman in linen shirt, with eco bags. She choosing apples and oranges at fruit department of grocery supermarket. Slow motion

Olives after harvest

Aerial shot over migrant immigrant farm workers working in the strawberry fields of California.

Farmer inspects his crop of potatoes hands stained with earth.


Medium shot portrait of overburdened young African American woman picking up phones talking in slow motion. Overworking beautiful lady on remote working. Multitasking concept.


A woman picking a book from a bookshelf

Female hand picking popcorn from paper bucket closeup. Close up of woman eating pop corn at cinema. Movie food concept. Female hand taking popcorn in bucket at cinema


farmer picking raw strawberries in the garden

Daughter on hands father picking orange at fruit orchard. Harvesting orange

Young farmer going on the field with empty wooden box for harvesting corn crop.

Picking greenery from field. Freshly picked herbs in wooden box. Farmers group harvesting fresh parsley by knife on the field of organic eco farm. Working process. Harvesting concept.

Handsome caucasian man farmer holding wood box with cabbage, looking into the camera and smiling, feeling good, happy. Close up.

Woman chooses bottle of wine in the supermarket

Business woman in mask meeting with masked delivery man near office. Young woman picking up box and cup holder from courier outdoors. Masked woman paying with credit card for food order on street.

Asian girl, woman walking, looking and shopping errands snacks in supermarket isle

Footage of a farmer picking raspberries from the branches during golden hour

ZAPOROZHYE, UKRAINE - SEPTEMBER 10, 2015: Two boys and the girl walk in the greenhouse, communicate and eat tomatoes. Farm Tavriya Skif

Vineyard with dark blue grape

Front shot of a tie collection - a man picking up a tie for his shirt

A machine is riding through the forest picking up felled trees

Pretty masked muslim and mixed race females plucking ripe fresh tomatoes from bushes while working in greenhouse. Diverse women growers picking organic tomatoes in wooden boxes on vegetable plantation


A warm family playing with a lovely daughter on weekend, dad showing his daughter a variety of peas, curious daughter staring and picking up beans to look at, wondering and learning thing around

Awesome Red Fresh Organic Tomatoes 2

30 April 2019, PRAGUE, CZECH: Vaclav Havel airport - JOON AIRLINES - An airplane picking up a speed on a runway


African American young man showing wait gesture at laptop video chat taking off earphones picking up smartphone and leaving. Portrait of busy confident expert in home office. Multitasking concept.

Portrait of a happy young farmer holding fresh vegetables in a basket. On a background of nature The concept of biological, bio products, bio ecology, grown by own hands, vegetarians, salads healthy


Asian young female cleaning up the beach pick up garbage bottle plastic alone while traveling, island beach clean up volunteer waste recycling. ecology environmental awareness, safe planet concept


clean up beach concept, woman holding garbage walking on the beach, volunteering activity collecting trash and waste, global warming problem awareness, plastic bag beer bottle, safe earth stop litter


Asian young woman collecting plastic bag and glass bottle from the sea shore island beach while traveling, picking up trash volunteer garbage waste recycling. ecology environmental awareness


Asian young female collecting plastic bag from the sea shore island beach while travel, collecting trash volunteer garbage plastic trash waste bottles. ecology environmental awareness trash pollution


clean up beach, woman pick up trash form the sea shore volunteering garbage plastic trash waste collecting. ecology environment awareness global warming, plastic bag, walking on the island beach


Shot of Female bending down picking up clam shell on white sand beach on sunny day. Young pretty girl playing with sea sand water and waves. summer vacation. Low camera angle, slow motion wind blowing


Young female collecting plastic trash from seashore, reserving nature environment on tropical island, volunteer work for society, global warming caution awareness, pick up ocean waste, cleaning beach


Young Female squatting down playing with sand picking up clam shell on white sand beach on sunny day. Young pretty girl playing with sea sand water waves. summer travel destinations. Low camera angle


Active playful adorable kid picking up balls to fill up the toy car in hand with her mother closely supervised during the day, the number counting skills in little childhood, Learning by playing


Hiking in tropical forest. picking up backpack, strong independent young adult, hiking walk path in wood, outdoor adventure leisure activities, hot humid weather rear view, travel asia destination


Closeup view of people volunteers put plastic trash in bag and work together on beach spbi. Man and woman walk along sandy shore and collect garbage for recycling on summer day. Responsible activists


Handsome busy man picking up phone talking analyzing business graph in home office. Portrait of confident African American analyst sitting on floor in living room working remotely. Lifestyle.