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Bunch of red ripe tomatoes and unripe vegetable on bed in garden on sunny day. Tomato production or fresh red ripe vegetable garden plantation. Organic farming, non gmo concept

Close-up of unrecognizable hand in glove picking ripe coffee cherries from green coffee tree at harvest season

Date palm with green fruit

4k close in shot of a bunch of bananas with many offspring

Close-up shot of tree branch with green olives in bright sun light

Close up shot of unripe ear, husk of corn on cornfield stalks

Green tomatoes in garden

Banana Plantation on Tenerife Island, Canary Islands, Spain: A Stunning View

Banana cultivation on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Unripe corn cob closeup

4k unripe lemon fruits leafy ornamental branches

Summer season harvest time. Highly detailed shoot of pods of berries. Zoomed image of strawberries in wooden pots. Close up of ripe red

Agronomist examining green ripening wheat ears sitting in farm field. Farmer holding a bunch of cultivated wheat rye in hands. Man woking in

Majestic clouds over golden wheat, swaying in the wind. Serene nature, pure beauty. Scenic countryside, natural wonder.

grower pour water drops on unripe tomatoes

Organic tomatoes growing vine in modern greenhouse technology agriculture business. Close up unripe vegetables hanging branch in modern plantation house. Healthy eco food agronomy industry concept.


Unripe quince fruit (Cydonia oblonga) growing on a branch. Closeup footage in a fruit garden, under the autumn sunlight.

Gentle motion of young almonds on a tree branch swaying in the wind.

Green bananas on the tree at banana plantation, Tenerife island, Canary islands

Palm Trees in the Sahara Desert

A bunch of green, organic bananas growing on the tree - parallax motion

Tomato plantation tracking shot

Zoomed in round unripe lime fruits blowing

Dates on palm tree close up

Gentle motion of young almonds on a tree branch swaying in the wind.

Pepper tree in garden with drop of water on leaves. Vegetable in garden. Concept of agribusiness. Growing peppers in the garden. Diet, vegetarian lifestyle, eco products, organic

Blurry background capture of a banana bunch

Walnut on tree under sunshine


The hands of a senior female farmer inspecting a ripening green tomato, still on the plant. Closeup slow motion footage under the warm summer sun.

4K : black ripe and red unripe mulberries on the branch, Dolly shot

Tropical fruit tree fresh green papaya hanging on trunk. Silhouette of a balinese village on the background. Travel to Asia.

Coffee beans grow on a coffee plantation in the tropics.

Mango Tree: Unripe Fruits on Leafy Branch


Young green immature sunflower at the field

The farmer examines young corn up close

Blackberries on the bush outdoor. Wild forest berries. Bunch of dewberry hangs on prickly shrub with green leaves. Fresh organic black raspberry, Rubus fruticosus ripening, slow motion close-up.

Fresh Green Papaya Plant Fruit on Tree Branch

Bundles of Green Unripe Fresh Bananas Growing on a Banana Tree

Unrecognizable man hand running gently over unripe spikelets wheat field outdoors close up. Green cereals stems swaying wind evening time. Farmer walking farmland checking grain quality at sunset.

Date palm tree wave in wind

Close shot of green banana fruits on banana tree

Cherries on a Cherry Tree in Sunlight

Young girl harvesting ripe red coffee berries from coffee tree on farm

Close-up of female hand is checking a growing unripe rice at rice field

Green wheat field, ears of wheat swaying from gentle wind. Unripe grain farm field. Rich harvest ripening and agricultural theme concept. World hunger crysis concept. Shallow focus panorama.

Green lime rotating on blue background, citrus aurantiifolia

Red ripe berry and green unripe berries on one wild strawberries bush in the forest

Unripe Green Pepper In Lush Garden Covered In Rain Water Drops