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Worker paints the wall roller. House painter paints the wall in brown.

Close up selective focus shot of hand of unrecognizable male artist painting on canvas with brush

A man paints a wall with a roller, makes repairs in the room of the attic floor


Over the shoulder view of female client using smartphone while Professional manicurist Cleanses her fingernails at nail salon.

Portrait of woman painting in arts studio, person busy with artistic activity and practicing at home with paint, brushes, easel, colors. Young individual and job, art profession, artist, hobby

Man painting wall with roller, making repairs in attic room

Pouring Paint From Paint Can Into Paint Tray Close Up

A man paints ceiling with a roller, makes repairs in the room of the attic floor

Asian designer looks at color palettes working remotely

Aluminium Cans with Vivid, Colorful Paint Inside Stacked on the Floor of a Warehouse.

Dilution the paint mixer. Painting of white paint. Mixing the solution.

Top down close up shot of many paint tubes in wooden case in art studio

A man paints a wall with a roller, makes repairs in the room of the attic floor

Tracking out slow mo of three multiethnic female and male designers working on house exterior and interior design, standing around table in office at daytime, choosing paint color

Female artist smearing paint on palette in art studio

Priming floor in a large house. Workers insulated floor.

Closeup of a hand with paintbrush painting in white wooden door.

Dirty woman hand draws picture making rough smears with brush on canvas at art lesson in studio extreme close view slow motion vertical shot

Professional Painter Working In Studio Black Man Painting Artistic Work

Back view of unrecognizable man smearing black paint on creative portrait of woman while working in dark workshop

Vessel refurbishment dock, workers apply paint in fast-motion. Low angle shot of ship restoration

Painting board with spray gun. Creative. Painter paints board with spray gun. Worker in suit paints product with spray gun at enterprise

Close up tracking shot of paints and brushes in wooden box on worktable of artist in studio

Female designer chooses color palette for project remotely

Top down close up shot of paint tubes in wooden case, brushes, cloth and gouache on worktable of professional artist

Dutch angle over the shoulder shot of talented female artist painting contemporary art picture with oil paints in studio

Close-up shot of young artist painting on canvas in art studio

African American male worker taking paint cans from shelf and putting them in cardboard box while picking order in warehouse

painter spray painting cabinet doors 4k

Close up view of paint tubes and brushes on cloth and palette on table in art studio

Close up shot of unrecognizable artist applying oil paint to canvas with paintbrush while creating picture in studio

Crop master making new tattoo design on digital tablet

Top down tracking shot of watercolor paint set, palette, brushes and paint tubes in wooden case on table in art studio

Woman Paints Wall Right Above Baseboard With Painters Tape Close Up Paint Brush Moving Along Wall

Zoom in shot of professional male artist holding wooden palette and applying paint to canvas with palette knife while working on new picture in studio

One Young Black Worker Applying Paint Spray On Wooden Surface At Carpentry Workshop

Portrait of woman painting, person engaged in artistic activity and practicing at home with paint, brushes, easel, colors. Young individual and job, art profession, artist, hobby, lifestyle

Paint Roller Puting Paint Onto Bedroom Wall In Cool Pattern Close Up Slow Motion

A woman glues blue wallpaper in the children's room by leveling them with a special yellow roller.

8 Hispanic Painter Drawing City Shop Street Vendor Paintbrush Art Artist Watercolor

Slow motion of a worker using a roller to paint a wall in a construction project

Craftswoman painting car bumper in workshop

Top view of man painting wall during home decoration with roller brush. House repair, handyman. Apartment redecoration and home construction while renovating and improving. Repair and decorating.

Close up shot of hands of artist squeezing yellow paint from tube on wooden palette


Close-up shot of smartphone screen recording biracial female artist sitting at table in studio, painting abstract picture, demonstrating creative techniques, while filming content for online blog

Medium long shot of talented painter drawing cityscape at night on canvas on easel while working late in art studio

Hand painting: Artistic activity at home with brush and colors

Full rear shot of female artist in jumpsuit, with curly hair sitting on floor in studio, working on extra large abstract painting, drawing spiral black lines on plywood board or canvas