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A garage door opens automatically.

Low angle shot of kidnapper walking into empty garage after victim escaped

Interior Garage Door Opening Move Up to Ceiling. Wide . shot

A car repair service. Parked expensive cars


Portrait of a mechanic repairing in uniform standing looking camera at under lifted car of automobile.

cleaning out the garage

A garage door closes automatically.

Video of an empty garage, camera goes from close up image of the door towards the back of the room.

Kazan, Russia, 1 mart 2017, Car service work - yellow car drives to garage

Car Repair Service: Car Lift and Inspection

African mechanic standing looking at a car engine with the bonnet open lit by a bright light in a motor workshop

Car repair service. Opening the garage door


Two mechanic Caucasian man in large garage, Inspecting parts under raised car

Driving through an American suburban neighborhood, newly constructed houses passing by - slow motion

Hoarding: Giant pile of old trash & discarded equipment sits in cluttered garage

A slowly forward moving aerial establishing shot of a typical middle class rust belt Michigan home.


Mechanic Repairing Car In Modern Auto Workshop. Modern Car Service Workshop With Multiple Cars Under Repair

Friendly woman in wheelchair greeting colleague in office, chatting and smiling. Confident startupers meeting for brainstorm indoors.

Slowmo of male and female auto mechanics with tablet discussing clients car repairs in garage

Cars parked in an underground parking garage


Two mechanic Caucasian man in large garage, Inspecting parts under raised car

Mechanic with wrench working and repair car engine in car service centre. Men in uniform repairs white automobile indoors. Professional


Mechanics Working on Electric Car Battery Module in Workshop

Modern auto driving to luxury house. Closeup black jeep entering luxury garage. Rich auto parking near house.

Workman measuring detail in dark garage

Side view shot of ethnically diverse men and woman working in automobile repair shop fixing car parts and identifying problems

Handheld black female auto mechanic in uniform and gloves using wrench and making repairs under hood of car

Auto mechanic with working tools For repair and diagnostics of cars in the garage Car

Hoarding: Giant pile of old trash & discarded equipment sits in cluttered garage


Mechanic Accessing Toolbox In Electric Car Repair Workshop. A mechanic handling tools and working on an electric car in a well-lit auto

mechanic repairs a car in a service center

Male technician cleaning engine part

Driving through a southwestern American suburban neighborhood

Mechanic And Female Trainee Working Underneath Car Together

Wide shot of black female auto mechanic with tablet and her bearded male colleague walking up to clients cars and talking about future repairs while working in garage

Rotating shot of almost empty underground parking garage with just two cars there

A hypothetical scene of two antique hunters picking through the attic of an old abandoned home.

Car service. A process of polishing the car panel with a vibrating tool


Modern Car Service Workshop With Multiple Cars Under Repair

Car service. Mechanic man repairing a car.

wide shot footage. Truck in the workshop garage for repairs. Move camera footage

Car details - auto headlight close up in diagnostic service - mechanic working near lifted car


Technician Electric Vehicle Battery in Modern Workshop

Mechanic discussing job sheet with vehicle owner before car repair or routine service

Silhouette of Real Classic Luxury Vintage Car with Bright Headlights in Futuristic Garage with Neon Color. Vehicle Turned On Cool Headlights. Warm Smoke Comes From Under Hood of Car.

Car auto service - worker grinding metal construction with a circular saw

Silhouette of man in garage in front of headlights -feet close up

KIEV, UKRAINE, MAY 31, 2011: Mechanic at auto service. Repair of motor vehicles in Kiev, Ukraine, May 31, 2011