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Car mechanic using wrench to repair the engine in a car service, slow motion

Car Mechanic Doing Repair of the Chassis. Car Ready to Restore

Close up Car Engine Inspection And Service

Auto mechanic working underneath car lifting machine at the garage. Auto repair shop, Car service, repair.


Auto mechanic uses air jack to lift vehicle, swiftly removes tire with pneumatic nut runner in garage. Precision, speed demonstrated in

mechanic repair valve engine

KIEV, UKRAINE, MAY 31, 2011: Mechanic at auto service. Repair of motor vehicles in Kiev, Ukraine, May 31, 2011

Mechanic doing routine maintenance checks on the car in the garage.

Mechanic in overalls looking to hood of the car - automobile service repairing

Mechanic checks part of cars in a garage workshop - auto service

Car mechanic is unscrewing clutch. Car service worker with diry hands using electrical screwdriver to unscrew car clutch.


Car in service station connected air conditioning refill unit. Technician performs AC recharge, maintenance work on vehicle. Climate control

Portrait of a skilled car mechanic in a workshop, with service in the background.

Mechanic repairs the valve block of the car engine

Handheld close up of black female auto mechanic in uniform using wrench and making repairs on undercarriage of car

Side view of skilled auto mechanic examining car wheel in repair shop. Portrait of confident service professional fixing vehicle in workshop. Automobile industry and professions.


Auto mechanic refills refrigerant in car AC system. Service station equipment recharges air conditioner. Technician operates AC servicing

A skilled technician using a tablet in work attire

A worker repairs the engine of a broken car in the service center.

A Close-Up of Skilled Hands Repairing a Car at the Garage

Close-up of opened car hood and skillful auto mechanic's hands using wrench while replacing oil filter. Auto repair service employee during process of unscrewing oil filler cover in car workshop

Worker operates circular saw. Sparks fly from metal. Worker diligently crafts steel. Close-up slow motion shot in workshop.

Auto mechanic in uniform changing wheels on car


2020-07-02 - Mariupol, Ukraine. Planeta Car Service. Vehicle enters auto service center for maintenance. SUV inside garage for inspection

Car service - mechanic man working at workshop and repairs motor

Auto Shop Mechanics Working Under Hoods

Mechanic unscrews detail of car in hood - automobile service repairing

Tyre plant conveyor mechanism production cycle in technological workshop. Modern industrial automobile tire manufacturing machine line moving red light signal. Rubber automotive equipment concept

Repair shop employees work together on fixing car, using tablet and laptop. Teamworking colleagues collaborating on servicing broken vehicle


2020-07-02 - Mariupol, Ukraine. Planeta Car Service. Mechanics work on vehicles in a modern auto repair shop, servicing cars on lifts, with

African mechanic working on the underside of a car elevated on a hoist shining a bright light onto the chassis

Car service mechanic repairing automobile and talking to the customer. Car owner conversing with professional mechanic during auto repair. Automobile service center worker.

Skilled mechanic in uniform confidently posing in workshop


2020-07-02 - Mariupol, Ukraine. Planeta Car Service. Auto mechanic inspects SUV on lift in modern garage, checks undercarriage, diagnostic

Mechanic doing checking of a car in a garage workshop

Mechanic works in the automotive service, slider

Auto Mechanic Under Carraige Changing Oil

an African American woman in a special green uniform speaks on the phone at a waste processing plant. Factory background. Processing of raw materials, recycling. Pollution control


2020-07-02 - Mariupol, Ukraine. Planeta Car Service. Automotive lubricants on display in car shop warehouse. Synthetic engine oils for sale

Car auto service - mechanic unscrews detail of car

Cheerful mechanic at work, examining car engine

Man doing car diagnostics with his laptop and digital tablet computer

Checkmark - Worker doing checking of a car parts in a garage workshop - extremely close up


2020-07-02 - Mariupol, Ukraine. Planeta Car Service. Mechanic inspects suspension, removes shock absorber using spring compressor in repair

An experienced mechanic repairs the car standing at the open hood in the service station. Car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - mechanic man working at workshop

Pan close-up of Afro-American mechanic with relaxed happy smile standing in sprawling sunlit factory facility, wearing denim shirt and yellow hardhat

Back view of automobile mechanic using wrench under car hood during replacement of oil filter in auto workshop. Focused employee of auto repair service unscrewing cover of oil filler to change filter

Mechanic dismantles the engine of a car, car repair, disassembly of the engine, working in the workshop