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Silhouette of a man looks outside the window at the rain

Desperate Young Black Woman Suffering From Mental Problems On Kitchen Floor, Depressed African American Person

Thoughtful Child: Exploring Emotions at Home

Close-up face of a tired Caucasian woman with blond hair and grey eyes looking away and sighing. Exhausted lady spending time alone at home.


Hopelessness Woman In Depression Sitting On Sofa At Home

Closeup of pensive middle aged man in midlife crisis leaning hands on glass with alcoholic beverage while sitting alone at home. Emotional exhausted man in dark mood escaping problems in alcohol abuse

Sad woman looking out through window

Sad men in a dark room at sunset, close-up

Tired pregnant woman stretching on couch with laptop at home. Portrait of sad expectant woman. Freelance and pregnancy concept.

Crying man under the rain


Disappointed Hopeless Lonely Female Person Thoughtful Thinkingly

Concerned woman on phone while man uses phone in background. Sad couple in bedroom.

Side view of Desperate Young Black Woman Suffering From Mental Problems On Kitchen Floor.

Sad elderly woman to to close up


Dissatisfied Thoughtful Female Person Having Negative Mad Emotions

Unhappy woman examining her reflection in mirror. Mid adult with long blond hair dissatisfied with appearance. Female feeling down and worried about her look.


Portrait of Thoughtful blonde middle aged woman in blue coat waiting at train station

Worried Young Woman Walks on Street Shaking Head In Disbelief

Depression and pain. Man swinging on a swing in a lonely park, back view

Reflective woman in casual attire contemplating by window, conveying solitude and sadness.

Sad woman reflecting by window after breakup.

Depression and pain. Man swinging on a swing in a lonely park


Pensive Hispanic Man Leaning On Metal Fence Looking At Camera Latin Guy Portrait 2

Thoughtful Caucasian girl in autumn park, reflecting on nature.

Exhausted young professional working from home during pandemic

Anxious millennial arabic indian ethnicity woman thinking of difficulties.

Sad man looks outside the window

Thoughtful Young Woman Thinking about Life Outside in the Rain at Night


Thoughtful middle aged blonde woman Standing on train station platform

Stressed concerned millennial man thinking over bad news

Stressed man in home office facing financial challenges during pandemic

The guy is trying to concentrate or remember something. Man is looking for a way out of the situation


Portrait of blonde middle aged woman waiting on platform of Train station

Social Isolation concept. Caucasian man with crossing arms looking at the buildings outside the window

High angle view tired slim woman sitting at mirror in dance studio hugging knees. Wide shot of exhausted restless Caucasian ballerina resting on floor indoors thinking. Art and lifestyle.

Side view of stressed overburdened Caucasian middle aged man sitting in office sighing taking off eyeglasses. Medium shot portrait of dissatisfied male CEO at workplace. Business problems concept.

Stressed Caucasian man thinking standing up from couch walking away. Portrait of troubled anxious guy leaving. Worries and lifestyle concept.

Young Sad Female Person Commuting in Urban City Town in Raining Weather

Portrait of a tired male tailor deep in thought, creating fashion design in studio.


Hispanic Man Touching Face And Nose Outside Walking Towards Camera


Upset Indian man sitting on sofa in living room at home


Caucasian man is stressed and crying at home

Thoughtful woman on city bench. Slim lady in hat reflecting outdoors. Frustration and lifestyle concept.


Disappointed Hopeless Lonely Female Person Thoughtful Thinkingly

Overworked man planning business rescue in home office during pandemic

Emotional Asian middle aged man gesturing and shouting at his annoyed wife, Chinese couple having quarrel at home


Portrait of middle aged blonde woman waiting at train station close up


Disappointed Hopeless Lonely Female Person Thoughtful Thinkingly