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Strict pet owner teaches obedience lesson to mischievous chihuahua at home

Supportive Mother Encouraging Daughter for School

Indian man and African American woman beg persistently

Misbehavior Holiday

Siblings having playful disagreement on sofa


Sobbing Child Listening To Moster Scold Him For Misbehaving Childhood Education Concept Parent Explaining Son Misbehavior Tearful Sad Kid Lifestyle Real Life 2

Multitasking housekeeping black single father in headset doing household chores, ironing clothes, dealing with business problems on phone and scolding naughty teenage daughters for misbehavior indoors

Caring mother disciplining diverse daughters at kitchen table

Teenage girls networking on laptop, caught by mother at home

Grandfather scolds a grandson

Selective focus close-up slowmo portrait of impudent teen boy with long wavy hair holding toothpick in mouth standing in classroom looking at camera

Curious kids secretly exploring parents' laptop at home


Child Refusing Food Kid Not Wanting To Eat Sitting On Grandmother Lap

Furious Santa Claus Grabs Person by Collar and slaps in the face for Misbehavior: Wake-Up Call for the Upcoming Christmas Season. Santa is coming

Two diverse sisters using the tablet digital computer for e-learning or watching cartoons, having fun

Father works on laptop and son has fun jumping on sofa


Mischievious Toddler Boy Disobedient Child Holding Plate

Caring mother calming mischievous daughters on couch indoors

Little child upset after being placed on time out chair

Stubborn kitten on childrens' playground with male Caucasian hand pulling collar in slow motion. Portrait of disobedient pet cat outdoors with man owner.

Family Conflict: Teenager Expresses Frustration with Mother


Mother Educating Child Misbehavior Small Boy Feeling Guilty Emotion Leaning On Mom Parent Talking To Kid About Behavior Authentic Parenting And Childhood Development Concept

Santa Claus Slapping Man Santa Grabbing Person Beating Them Up. Angry Santa grabbing man by collar for misbehavior. wake up concept, Christmas season is coming

Selective focus medium length portrait of cheeky teenage boy with long hair holding toothpick getting ready to bully someone

Japanese Girl Sulking and Grimacing Over Yellow Background


A guy begs his girlfriend for forgiveness for misbehavior. A young man subordinate diligently asks the boss to approve his business plan for

Two diverse sisters using laptop for e-learning or watching cartoons, wearing funny bunny bands

Father works online and boy has fun jumping energetically