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depressed young man swinging on a swing in a park

3 Woman Yawning During Boring Conversation With Partner

Sad African American girl sitting on bed holding head with hands. Upset teenager spending time alone at home. Shooting through doorway.

Close-up of a depressed drug addict staring away

Close-up of a depressed young drug addict smoking and stubbing out a cigarette

Close-up of a depressed drug addict looking at camera

Couple in modern phase of mutual disinterest

Depression and pain. The guy is sitting on the roadway and sad

Depressed african woman lying on bed embraces pillow feels unhappy

Face of a sad elderly pensive woman. Elderly lonely woman thought about the problems of aging.

Side view of depressed red-haired young woman sitting on couch and looking out the window. Sad Caucasian lady spending lonely day at home. Heartbreak concept.


Zoom out view of people applauding to sad male with mental problem during meeting of support group

Sad man swaying on a swing and looking down. The concept of problems and failures

1 Bored Partners Ignoring Each Other With Mobile Phones

Hysteric woman yelling at her apathetic husband

Hands of internet and network addicted mother and father using smartphones ignoring upset cute african teenage daughter being bored and lonely, feeling abandoned and disappointed indoors.

Woman feeling demotivated lying on sofa at home

Diverse young people sitting at bar counter surfing the net on smart phones ignoring each other. Indifferent friends addicted to gadgets spending leisure chatting online on cellphones in nightclub

Multi-ethnic group of friends sitting in a restaurant and looking at each of the boredom in your phone

Desperate redhead woman sitting alone at home on New Year's eve. Portrait of depressed beautiful Caucasian lady spending holidays thinking. Lonely Christmas of single woman. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Side view of depressed young woman spending Christmas alone at home. Portrait of gorgeous Caucasian lady sitting on couch with New Year tree at the background. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Sad girl sighs sitting front laptop with school notebook on distance home learning. Thinking girl sitting at workplace front notebook and looking to screen on online education

Top view of upset depressed attractive mixed race female with curly hair hugging pillow, lying on sofa ignoring chihuahua dog, expressing despair, hopelessness and misery, feeling solitude and grief.

Depressed attractive young woman in white dress putting hanging noose around her neck, committing suicide in dark rustic shed, looking with hopeless desperate stare, feeling needless and lost.

A lonely bored young woman with long blond hair sits in a leather chair waiting

Mixed race nightclub visitors networking online on cellphones at bar counter ignoring each other. Antisocial behavior of people obsessed with phones during leisure in city nightclub with disco lights

Anxious woman lying on sofa at home

tired housewife ironing clothes

Tired female taking a nap on a pile of books and being woken up by an alarm

Close-up of a depressed drug addict looking at camera

Depressed and sad young man in a park thinking about something

Multiracial family with cute elementary age mixed race daughters smartphone addicted sitting on green grass, ignoring each other, chatting online, browsing social media content in nature.

Sad woman looking the rain falling through a window at home or hotel

Group of young multiracial diverse friends using smartphone with mutual disinterest towards each other in loft appartment. Phone addicted young multiethnic people phubbing each other indoors.

Side view of beautiful blond woman in sparkling dress sitting in front of mirror and looking at reflection in deep depression and tiredness

Tired mom sitting next to a child. Hyperactive baby and tired mom. Postpartum depression

Portrait of lazy dreamy preadolescent schoolgirl looking with indifferent apathetic stare, expressing boredom and disinterest while studying together with caring mom in domestic room.

Workaholic strict african mom focused on work, browsing online using laptop pc refusing to help and ignoring sad disappointed adorable teenager daughter with her teenage problems and worries at home.

Portrait of uncertain depressed young beautiful female holding hanging noose in dark rustic shed, doubting about suicide and lost in chaotic thoughts, expressing misery and hopelessness.


Zoom in view of upset adult male addict telling story about problem gambling to counselor and group during support meeting

Upset affectionate beautiful black mother worried about teenage daughters excessive use of smartphones, addiction to online video games and social media, lack of communications and interaction.

Addicted to cellphone lovely african american teenage girls sitting on couch, phubbing each other, browsing social media content online on smart phones, showing ignorance and apathy indoors.

Sad woman looking the rain falling through a window at home or hotel

Addicted to smartphone carefree beautiful african mother browsing social media content online on cellphone, ignoring cute upset disappointed teenage daughters while family relaxing in home interior.

Sad woman looking the rain falling through a window at home or hotel

Heartbroken young woman sitting in front of window and thinking. Side view portrait of sad beautiful Caucasian lady after breakup. Frustration and depression concept.

Beautiful couple not talking after quarrel on the sofa in domestic room. Adult married couple having difficulties in relationship ignoring each other while sitting on the couch after a dispute at home

Side view of beautiful blond woman in sparkling dress sitting in front of mirror and looking at reflection in deep depression and tiredness