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Cinematic slow motion side view of many people's legs crossing a busy city street at night on Times Square, New York.

Young casual woman sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed on wooden bench in park with bicycle near and enjoying sunlight.

Midsection footage of unrecognizable woman meditating sitting on yoga mat with legs crossed doing mudra special finger posture

Crossed legs of inline skater. Rollerblader in motion.

Super wide angle: Woman sits legs crossed in cleansing meditation ritual

Stylish man sitting crossed legs in luxury hotel interior. Handsome guy contemplating something in dark office room. Rich boss looking aside indoors.

Panning slow-motion footage of male caucasian freelancer sitting on bed with legs crossed, talking on phone while working on laptop

Unrecognizable male Caucasian person standing with legs crossed, stepping aside, turning and leaving. Close-up of men's elegant footwear. Fashion, shoes, boots.

Couple using digital tablet and laptop while relaxing on sofa

Pretty Woman Sitting on Bed with Legs Crossed

Low angle headless shot of unrecognizable young woman sitting on yoga mat with legs crossed practicing meditation

Medium close up of young concentrated woman sitting with legs crossed breathing deeply and meditating in bright yoga studio

Crossed male legs with brown jeans and boots on under the table in a bar

Closeup of young women in comfortable footwear with smart phones relaxing on the bench after shopping. Low section of shopper girls keeping their legs crossed, browsing networks on cellphone outdoors.

Midsection of young female friends in casual outfit with legs crossed sitting on the bench in row, browsing social media content and chatting online using smart phones. Close-up.

Happy young woman text messaging using mobile phone

Relaxed fit black girl in sportswear sitting with legs crossed on green meadow in park and meditating with eyes closed.

Beautiful young woman working out at home in her living room, doing yoga or pilates exercise, stretching arms and back, sitting on the floor with legs crossed.

Unrecognizable woman and girl in casual jeans and sneakers crossing legs sitting on city street. Happy relaxed mother and daughter or grandmother and granddaughter outdoors.

Low angle slow motion shot of people's legs and feet crossing a busy city street, red bicycle passing close by camera.

Woman talking on mobile phone at home

sad man sitting with his legs crossed on a bench in the forest

Thoughtful girl sitting on the stairs with her legs crossed, steadycam shot

Business woman sitting with crossed legs

Zoom in shot of gorgeous woman in shining party outfit sitting with legs crossed in trendy egg chair and looking at camera while posing in studio filled with fog

Hipster man with beard is enjoying cup of coffee in morning near ocean. He is sitting crossed legs on a bench in open air veranda of restaurant

Happy woman using mobile phone relaxing on sofa

Worried girl sitting with her legs crossed and thinking about something

A close up view of crossed legs of a person lying on a sandy beach enjoying the view with boots on

Zoom in shot of attractive fashion model in stylish outfit sitting with legs crossed in trendy egg chair and looking at camera while posing in studio with red light

Woman sitting on sofa and text messaging using mobile phone

Medium close up of young relaxed couple having yoga practice doing prayer pose sitting with eyes closed and legs crossed

Beautiful young woman at home sitting on carpet with legs crossed, holding smart phone, texting.

Full shot of woman coming into bright spacious room with panoramic windows, sitting down with legs crossed and starting meditation with eyes closed


Young man text messaging using mobile phone while sitting on sofa

Young casual female sitting on bench with legs crossed and holding smartphone while listening to music with headphones

Thoughtful woman looking away at home

What a pleasure to do nothing! Carefree attractive relaxed woman in checkered shirt lying on the bed, rising crossed legs and looking at ceiling dreamily and light-heartedly while resting in bedroom.

Happy girl sitting on the stairs with her legs crossed and relaxing, steadycam

Many legs of people crossing pedestrian on busy street

Female legs in black leather boots walking on upstairs outdoor. Rocker woman feet in heavy black boots climbing stairs on ground crossing back view


Low angle wide of happy senior Asian woman dressed in loungewear, sitting with legs crossed up on sofa, enjoying music in wireless headphones

Concentrated young model in sportswear sitting with legs crossed on coastline of tropical beach and meditating with eyes closed in bright light.

Young woman sitting legs crossed lights incense, spiritual cleansing ritual

Young ethnic model sitting with legs crossed on sandy beach and enjoying life with eyes closed on background of ocean.

Lonely athlete woman is enjoying view on seascape, sitting crossed legs on beach

Woman emerges from tent and sits in a chair with her legs crossed


Full shot of happy young Caucasian hetero couple sitting with legs crossed on floor in foreground of Christmas tree at home, smiling and unwrapping gifts in morning