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Left over pieces of Demolished Building

CountdownFX-Right to Left Months

Male office worker in depression with box of personal stuff. Left without money. Businessman lost job. Fired man walking outdoor. Depressed jobless person. Unemployment concept

Confetti Stars Alpha Left Corner

Tasty dessert eating. Finish eating cake piece. Left over food sweet. Man eating pie slice. Last piece of cake on ceramic plate. Last slice of cake eat. Empty plate with crumbs

Flight Over Small Town With Left Rotation

dolly around packages left on a doorstep

Flare Transition Left Top

Flying left over pine trees in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Aerial panoramic top view, drone turning left over Nine Arch Bridge Ella in Sri Lanka among exotic lush green trees.


African American Man Riding Bicycle Outside Left Tracking Close-Up

Flying forward left over trees in Appalachian Mountains

dolly left across a corporate network server 4k

Pan left view of lonely elderly man lying on bed and looking away in ward of modern clinic

Closeup footage of a businesswoman counting money and calculating a budget on a tablet computer. Dolly move from left to right.

pan left woman rubbing hands

Close up and pan left on grass


Rolling Clouds Of Cuernos del Paine Granite Peaks In Chile. Pan Left Timelapse

Footprints on the beach left behind, , slow motion shot at 480fps

The autopilot car drive hyperlapse pov motion, inside view, left side wheel

Cropped image of a left-handed construction worker wearing protective clothing taking notes on construction site

Left handed man filling in a form

Drone is slowly panning left over beautiful white chalk cliffs and idyllic sunset seaside town of Etretat Normandy.

employee shifts eyes from left to right then looking at the camera. portrait young caucasian man wearing casual blue shirt sitting at the workplace in modern office.

Bag left behind laying on park bench in city center 4k

Flying left over colorful abandoned houses in a ghost town

Paper Cup of Coffe Starbucks Mug left on the Table in the Office

Close up of a young boy with a small scar above his left eye as he looks around - slow motion sideview

The blue blinking light on a desk phone indicating someone has left a voice message.

Pan left of faceless African American guy at wooden table texting via mobile phone

Camera sliding left over little Caucasian preschool girl hands drawing animals with colorful pencils at a table close-up

Footage of a compass over a road map - the shot moves from right to left...

Defocused Particles Of Dust Moving Left

Right to left aerial traveling over a cars parked in a parking lot with one green tree. France drone vertical view

Extreme closeup footage of stacked colorful books spinning from left to right.

Various Tablets Moving From Left to Right

Pan left view of digital connections among artificial satellites emerging on orbit of planet Earth in space

A paper Cup of Coffee Starbucks left empty on a Bench in Park


Stressed businesswoman working late at night in the office, while her colleague left home. Exhausted woman fail at work.

Footage of a compass over a road map, the shot is moving from left to right...

Camera tracks left through forest with sunlight flaring through the trees

Close up young man stressed and worried, pan left. - Slow Motion - shot on RED

Doctor on white background, offset to the left

dolly left macro vials of coronavirus vaccine

A back close-up of a male actor dressed in a German soldier uniform looking at a death camp reconstruction. Turning over his left shoulder, looking straight

Drone flying low, panning left over lush meadow. Aerial shot of peaceful sunny field with small trees and river. 4K.

Pan left view of digital connections among satellites above surface of Earth from space

Abstract background of Artificial Intelligence with left and right Brain