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Heap of dirty dishes on the kitchen

Man scraping with a plate a burger, french fries, nuggets, cheese sauce into garbage bin

A man opens up a Chinese food container and prepares leftovers.

Man with a big beard sitting outside with a winter coat eating a burrito relived to be satisfying his hunger

Man throwing away uneaten leftover food waste into a kitchen trash can lined with a plastic bag

A homeless man looks through crowded garbage bins on the street at night.

Eating plate of spaghetti

Dirty dishes on the kitchen

Woman giving a take away container of food to a hungry homeless man sitting outside with a homeless and hungry cardboard sign

Woman throws out a canned food strawberries, peaches into garbage bin

Woman throwing burger into trash bin on the street

Woman scraping with a plate a pizza into garbage bin

Woman scraping with a plate a cupcakes or muffins into garbage bin

Close up of a homeless man in his 40s or 50s with a beard eating food given to him by a stranger

Close up of a man's face as he opens the refrigerator and can't find something to eat or drink

Closeup on watermelon leftovers on a table

Dirty dishes in the sink


Beautician taking off facial cream leftovers from face skin of male client in beauty parlor. Relaxed Caucasian young handsome bearded man enjoying painless cleansing purifying procedure in spa.

Male hands removing chocolate leftovers on rotating table. Unrecognizable Caucasian baker decorating round cake with topping in candy store or restaurant kitchen.

Close-up top of baked cake with male hand removing chocolate topping leftovers. Unrecognizable Caucasian young man in black gloves decorating pastry dessert in candy store kitchen indoors.

Man throws out a cupcakes or muffins into garbage bin

Woman scraping with a plate a chicken leg, rice, green peas into garbage bin

POV of unrecognizable man taking eggs and butter dish out of fridge before preparing breakfast in kitchen

Homeless man in his 40s or 50s eating leftover food given to him by a stranger out of a white togo container

Woman scraping with a plate a cereal with milk into garbage bin

Man scraping with a plate a strawberry cake into garbage bin

Close up wide angle shot of fearless wild seagull come close to camera and beg for food snacks leftovers in tourist popular spot. Wildlife endangerment and user generated content concept

Man throws out a popcorn into garbage bin

Man potter working with a pot using a sponge - removes leftovers

POV of unrecognizable man turning on cooking panel in kitchen, then walking up to open fridge and taking out bacon and bottle of milk to prepare breakfast

Sparrow sitting on table eating crumbs 4k

Close up of Flies on Trash can

Flies on Trash Can