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A teenage boy is lying on the comfortable couch and watching TV, he's bored, so he switches channels with the remote control.

Funny sleeping man on the sofa

Portrait of lazy adult Caucasian man drinking beer, stretching belly, drinking beer and eating chips. Single guy watching TV alone indoors. Addiction, loneliness, alcoholism. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Executive office worker is tired but still works. Modern office with big windows

Bored, young businessman lying on wooden sofa on terrace

Handsome bearded man lying on the sofa checking cell phone. Guy is angry, he throws away smartphone. Receiving bad news. Emotional man rests at home

Young worker in glasses relaxing with his legs on the table modern office using phone. Bored manager surfing in internet.

Medium shot of young lazy african american man lying on sofa in front of TV at night, switching channels then falling asleep with remote control in hands

Lovely tabby kitten laying on the floor

Woman feeling demotivated lying on sofa at home

Aerial shot young man lying down and resting

Bored, young businessman sitting by table in the office, 4K

Close-up portrait of adult Caucasian man sleeping on couch at home. Lazy guy scratching his face, remote controller falling down. Leisure, resting, lifestyle.

Close up shot of exhausted businessman sleeping at his desk while a heavy rain is going outdoors

Woman Bored Watching TV

Office Worker sleeping at work

A man with gray short gray hair is watching an action movie on TV. He eats popcorn from a large plate with his right hand, while his left hand rests on the sofa.

Two laziness idleness idleness bored employee playing small ball on work place table with computer desktop. I Don't want to do anything helpful or useful on my workplace concept.

Young beautiful blonde woman sleeping in her bedroom and relaxing in the morning.

Young Woman Procrastinates Scrolling her Smartphone. Young woman yawns while scrolling her social media feed. She procrastinates, and doesn't start to work at her freelance project

Bored businesswoman sitting in the office

Full slow-motion arc shot of bored young afro man lying on couch in modern apartment switching channels on TV procrastinating

young businessman taking a nap on the sofa

Close-up portrait of a young guy switching channels with the remote control while lying on the sofa and watching TV.

Tired and excited businesswoman works in cozy office. She yawns while working on the laptop

Tired woman lies on books

Relaxed young man sleeping leaning on cozy sofa.


beautiful red-haired girl wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face

Happy woman stretching after awakening

boy did his homework and fell asleep.

Fat lazy elderly man eating chips and drinking beer while watching TV

Tired husband cleans the table surface with a rag

Man in business suit fell asleep at his desk. Modern office environment

Man Falls Asleep While Watching TV

Selfishness. Waist up of lazy husband sitting on the sofa in front of TV while drinking beer and ignoring his wife

Strict irritated lovely mother taking away smartphone from adorable lazy mischievous preadolescent girl, having fun playing online game, forcing daughter to study while practicing homeschooling indoor

Sleeping woman with a lot of books

Bearded man lying on the sofa checking cell phone. Beardie is angry, he throws away smartphone. Receiving bad news. Emotional man rests at home

Portrait of a cute boy lying on green grass in spring park. Outdoor recreation.

Young woman covering ears with a pillow. Annoyed by loud neighbors, can not sleep. Irritated white girl with insomnia wakes up.

Man turning off alarm and going back to sleep

The night sleep of handsome man

Bored businessman sitting by desk in office by night

A bearded man in a green checkered shirt lies on a hammock and uses a telephone

Attractive girl sitting at the table propped head with hand in the office, mixing her coffee, her friend leaning on the desk sitting near. Women are tired and bored. Camera moves left

angry woman arguing with her lazy boyfriend

tired young businesswoman sitting at the table with lnotebook

Happy woman relaxing on bed