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"large dog"
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close-up female hand stroking the paw of a large dog lying on the pier

Beautiful individual of the Samoyed husky, close-up

Two cute large pet dogs sitting and begging and looking towards the camera

Large stray dogs lying on the ground

Two cute samoyed dogs are playing on the beach in the sea or ocean together. Slowmotion shot


One large adult grey wolf walking around in the grass a sunny day

Large mixed breed labrador or golden retriever dog sitting and resting her head on a table while waiting for something in slow motion

Two well behaved large dogs sitting by a door, looking up towards the camera in slow motion

A young woman in a yellow sweater is sitting on the pier and stroking a large dog, next to the boat. Camera Move Right

A well behaved pit bull terrier dog sits attentively in a yard in slow motion dolly shot

Boxer laying in grass

Low angle of a large white dog with black spots lying on stairs looking at the camera


Lonely adult grey wolf walking around in the forest a sunny day

Dog breed husky looking in the camera

Adorable samoyed dog running on sand toward camera point of view. Slowmotion shot

Large yellow or golden labrador retriever mixed breed dog lying on the floor sleeping, waking up and walking away

Close up of Happy Relaxed Dog Snout or Muzzle

Camera follows a happy large white and black dog wagging his tail while walking up spiral stairs after his owner in slow motion

Dogwalkers lead large packs of dogs of many breeds in New York City / Manhattan

Close up shot of big and very fluffy dog taking a walk with his owner in the park. Dog smiling while hand patting him.

Cute samoyed dog is playing with waves in the ocean or sea. Slowmotion shot

Close up of an owner's hand petting the head of a large golden labrador dog inside a house

Happy komondor adult runs playing in courtyard tracking shot. The dog is a large, white-colored Hungarian breed of dog with natural instinct to guard livestock and other property.

Close up of a large dog gently eating snacks out of her owner's hand while another dog sits patiently nearby in slow motion

Dog sitting by the pond, rear view

stay at home. woman doing yoga in the living room during quarantine, a large dog is lying nearby.

Aerial drone shot big herd of sheep and yack in Mongolia

Two cute samoyed dogs are digging sand on the beach. Slowmotion shot

A small dog with a beautiful hairstyle lays on a large green chair and plays with a ball. A large plan of the Yorkshire terrier. Slow motion.

dog jack russell terrier is sleeping on a red pillow overlooking the tropical island

One cute samoyed dog is digging sand on the beach while another one is running around then pushes the first one. Two adorable samoyed dogs playing on the beach. Slowmotion shot

Unrecognizable woman walk with white fluffy samoyed dog in winter park

A middle aged man wearing a white t-shirt petting and looking at his large black dog in slow motion

stay at home. woman doing yoga in the living room during quarantine, a large dog is lying nearby.

A middle aged man and a large Great Dane dog look at each other while the dog is getting a bath in slow motion

Two samoyed dogs are playing on the beach running on sand together. They are moving closer to camera. Slowmotion shot

Old dog in coat walking down country road. Aged Golden Retriever with white hair saunters carefully and happily down street in winter. Purebred dog on last walk of his life.

Man and his happy black and white large dog walking down tiled spiral stairs past the camera in slow motion

stay at home. woman doing yoga in the living room during quarantine, a large dog is lying nearby. exercise salute to the sun


Close-up of a large male grey wolf standing and looking into the forest


Close-up of a large adult male grey wolf looking for prey in a grass meadow

A professional groomer in my shop cuts a large black Terrier with clippers hair. Workshop on grooming dogs

Hand held shot of a middle aged man talking and washing a great dane. The large breed dog is cooperating while being groomed inside of a bathtub

A young woman in a yellow jacket lies on the pier and strokes a large dog. Reflection of trees in the water. Camera movement forward

young couple and a large dog have moved into a new apartment. People sit on the floor next to cardboard boxes in a spacious rented apartment. The girl feeds the dog from her hands.

A middle aged man smiles and is looking at his large breed dog while the dog looks at him in slow motion

A large black Great Dane dog shaking water off while getting his owner wet during a bath and then sticks her large nose into the camera with an extreme close up.

The dog raised his head up barks and asks for something