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Vocal Alert: Upset Golden Retriever Barks Close Up, Expressing Vigilance and Warning


Portrait of playful white labrador retriever sitting on green grass and barking at camera

Dog lies on bed yawns on under white blanket looks with interest at owner morning. Jack Russel Terrier Pets. Care attention love for pets. Front view. Family concept

Dog Jack Russell Terrier standing on green lawn in city park and barking at passerby, wagging its tail. Dogs grin. Aggressive dog. Pet for walk

Smiling Small Canine

Dog is barking. Shepherd malinois dog is barking.

The dog bites the air. Park. Portait shot

Big Angry Barking Dog

Close-up portrait of American Staffordshire Terrier outdoors with owner adjusting collar in slow motion. Headshot of confident young dog in sunshine.

Boxer video stock footage

Angry dog barking in a cage.

Boston Terrier Playing At The Beach

Adorable Medium Shot of a Pug Dog

portrait dog barking behind a cage

The Cocker Spaniel barked, looking at the camera, on the street. Outside.

A dog scratching his ear

Dog barking in the garden on a sunny day. Domestic dog on green grass. Home yard with adorable pet.

black and white disable dog barking as street dog.

Funny dog make tinkle

Dog barking in car

Pomeranian dog barking


Barking small dog on the road

Trained sheepdog barking. Back angle. Close up shot

Dog enjoying the warm weather

Dog is starting to bark. Dog is looking at the right, turning head and starting to bark.

Cute Dog Barking With Beautiful Night Bokeh Background

Big central asian shepherd dog is barking outdoors

Pug dog video stock footage

Golden retriever barking close-up. Obedient dog sitting on floor in living room, looking in camera and posing. Happy domestic animal concept, best friends, puppy relaxing at home.

Dog Barking In Slow Motion 120 Fps Portrait Of Great Dane Dog Breed Barking

Adorable Chihuahua Dogs Barking in Slow Motion

Young dog barking, wagging tail, and interacting with a cat in a park

Old sick dog lying on the road in Athens, Greece

Dog is barking inside a luggage boot. Dog is barking inside a luggage boot, close-up.

Labradoodle fluffy dog exploring the woodlands barks repeatedly in slow motion

Dog barking behind backyard fence 4k

The Cocker Spaniel barked, in the street. Outside

Restless Dog Barking Outside Couple Sittings Outside With Their Godlen Retriever Pet

Closeup adorable dog's face at pet care clinic during annual checkup. Labrador barking on examination table.

Samoyed husky barks and looking around. Angry dog barks, close-up

Young Beagle Dog Playing with Toy in Living Room

Smiling Small Canine

Adorable playful French Bulldog in the living room

Pomeranian spitz. Decorative dog breed

Big central asian shepherd dog is barking outdoors

Dog removing a thorn from her paw

High angle view of purebred dog in Christmas hair hoop barking looking up with unrecognizable blurred woman sitting on carpet indoors. American Staffordshire Terrier with owner on holiday.

A dog barks playfully at a low flying drone overhead.