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Handheld close up shot of unrecognizable man caressing hand of weak woman receiving treatment in hospital

Sad woman having headache by table at home

Close-up of elderly doctor in white coat sitting near patient lying in hospital bed and explaining him need for tests. Adult sick man and aging practitioner during medical examination in clinic


Slow motion of an young woman pharmacist consultant showing a pack of pills and smiling in camera. Shot in 8K. Concept of profession, medicine and healthcare, medical education, pharmaceutical sector

3d animation of flying over group of bacterias. Medical video background

Woman with sinus pain during illness - dolly shot

Medium shot of teenager boy lying in hospital bed

Portrait of senior male doctor standing in hospital room, talking to a female nurse.

Recovering from illness: Man staying home, warming up with tea


Over the shoulder view of Caring middle aged male general practitioner in uniform providing medical consultation online, listening to health complains of worried African American female patient during video call.

A young man feels unwell on a balcony in a fancy apartment

Close up of intravenous drip , face out of focus in vip room at hospital .

Young Child Feeling Unwell in Winter, Celebrating Christmas with Festive Decorations at Home

Girl With Fever Using Thermometer Calls Doctor By Phone

Adult hospitalized male lying in ward and communicating with grey-haired doctor in white coat sitting next and making notes. Elderly practitioner examining sick man in hospital room

Close up hand touching ill old person in hospital bed

Diverse group of doctors in face masks pushing patient with oxygen mask in bed in hospital corridor


Red blood eye of woman affected by conjunctivitis or after flu, cold or allergy

Woman with cancer sitting on the windowsill

Young individual with COVID-19 symptoms wearing a face mask

Back view of african american male doctor walking through hospital corridor

Doctor Writing Medical Prescription

Medic puts IV. Action. Close-up of doctor's hands inserting dropper into veins. Intravenous drip


Sick woman got flu or caught cold, having allergy symptoms

Young woman with dark circles under her eyes resting at home. She has a fever. Concept of health, illness, common cold, treatment.

people, healthcare and health problem concept - unhappy man coughing at home

Sick Indian business woman sit at workplace blowing nose

Doctor In White Coat Meeting With Female Patient Shot On R3D

A sick girl worries about her not finished work.

Senior man suffering from terrible headache touching head sitting on couch at home, making massage with closed eyes,doing turning head on

Woman experiencing abdominal discomfort at home


Caucasian male surgeon wearing surgical gown, using defibrillator on patient, slow motion

Portrait of retired senior woman breathing slowly with oxygen mask during coronavirus covid-19 outbreak. Old sick lady lying in hospital bed, getting treatment for deadly infection

Intravenous Drip In ICU With Patient On Background

Home quarantine. Sick Man With Runny Nose Are Using Nasal Spray And Sneezing Loudly.

Healthcare professionals visiting elderly patients in comfortable hospital ward


African american female patient in bed in hospital room, slow motion

Mixed race woman lying in hospital bed fluffing her pillow

Drip with monitor and patient

Girl with flu laying on couch sick

Coronary stent is a small mesh tube that s used to treat narrowed or weakened arteries in the body. close up view of Mesh metal nitinol self-expandable stent in hand

Close-up of pulse oximetry on African american male patient hand in the ward at hospital

A male pediatrician uses a stethoscope while examining a little girl patient who stands near the examination couch in a modern clinic. The doctor talks to the child and listens to her breathing with a stethoscope.

Senior woman taking pills at home.

Doctor putting medicine tablets into hand wearing medical gown, shooting of pouring out blue and white drugs in palm from brown bottle. A lot of pills, the concept of the pharmaceutical industry.

Woman coughing and sneezing


Woman Rubbing Eyes And Face With Hand While Holding Cellphone By Window

Sick woman checking temperature at termometr. Sick girl measuring temperature in bed. Ill woman with fever watch termometr. Flu virus patient in bedroom