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Handheld close up shot of unrecognizable man caressing hand of weak woman receiving treatment in hospital

Sick man lying under blanket on sofa at home, coughing, taking pill and drinking water with lemon

Pan left view of adult man with pulse oximeter breathing oxygen from life support machine while lying on bed in ward of clinic

Adult hospitalized male lying in ward and communicating with grey-haired doctor in white coat sitting next and making notes. Elderly practitioner examining sick man in hospital room

Crowded Asian People Wearing Protective Mask For Protect Coronavirus, Covid 19 Virus During Virus Outbreak In Bangkok Thailand.


Waist up of two diverse teenage girls having fun together at home on weekend eating pint of ice cream on couch and chatting. One of the girls having cerebral palsy

Portrait of senior male doctor standing in hospital room, talking to a female nurse.

Disease Sickness Disease Death Fleas Black Plague Death Microscopic Germs Infection Research Science Pandemic Epidemic Fear

Covid-19 infected patient in bed in hospital, coronavirus and breathing problems concept. Doctor praying for patient.

Medical research scientist typing codes on pc in biological applied science modern equipped laboratory. Lab engineers in white coats conducting experiment for vaccine development against covid19 virus


Portrait of handsome young serious African American general doctor sitting at table in cabinet in medical center working, typing and

Close up of intravenous drip , face out of focus in vip room at hospital .

Close up of man with headaches sitting in the kitchen. Stressed tired unhappy worried unwell housewife suffering of migraine, depression, disease and anxiety feeling exhausted with dizziness symptoms

people, healthcare and health problem concept - unhappy man coughing at home

Crowd of people on a city street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Woman experiencing abdominal discomfort at home

Patient in a hospital room connected to medical equipment.

Unwell woman sneezing at home. Close-up of woman sneezing and coughing in bedroom. Woman feeling flu symptoms. Portrait of girl with temperature disease.


Over the shoulder view of middle aged male orthopedist in uniform checking X-ray image of human spine, thinking about diagnosis and cause of deformation while working on laptop at medical office.

Doctor's Consultation: Young Patient in Hospital Ward

Indian woman massaging nose bridge to reduce strong headache

Child in a mask stays safe at home during quarantine. Protection from virus and infection. Concept of COVID-19.

xray / x-ray of chest and lungs


Close-up of middle aged male general practitioner in uniform examining MRI brain scan of sick patient , being puzzled by checkup and pondering over treatment plan while working at medical office.

Medium shot of scientists examining bacteria with a microscope

The woman with medical face mask stands in the crowded city. time lapse

Nurse recruit a drug in a syringe, patient lying on coach at blurred background

Friendly female doctor talking to senior patient in bed in hospital.

Child's Conversation with Doctor and Nurse in Hospital

Headache Concept. Sick Senior Man Suffering Migraine At Home, Massaging His Temples


Caucasian female physiotherapist stretching lower back of female patient with prosthetic leg

Sick Female Patient Eating Soup in Hospital Room

health care, pain, stress, age and people concept - senior man suffering from headache at home

health care, pain, stress, age and people concept - senior man suffering from headache at home

African american man on the go wearing coronavirus covid19 mask

View of many pigeons on the ground, 4k

Severe Pain. Whining Face. Portrait On 4k Red Camera. Close-up.

Back view of doctor in protection suit analyzing virus evolution looking on digital tablet. Team of scientists conducting vaccine development using high tech for researching treatment against covid19

Radiologist Watching Monitors Of Brain Scan

It is not a make-up, true bruise around of eye after falling off a bicycle. Trauma of face, hematoma of left eye, man with injury of face looks at the camera


Cinematic shot of male pharmacist with medical mask is measuring temperature with infrared thermometer gun to male patient in pharmacy. Concept of covid-19, protection, virus transmission, safety.

Radiologist Watching Monitors Of Brain Scan

An elderly man in bed suffers from severe pain. Home sickness concept

A sick girl worries about her not finished work.

Doctor and patient are discussing consultation about symptom problem diagnosis of disease talk to the patient

Life in the city : silhouettes of people walking in a crowd, slow motion

Hospitalized elderly woman attached to a device to help her breathe


Portrait of male nurse showing medical instructions video on green screen tablet. Hospital employee holding chroma key device, isolated over