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shallow focus of man writing on a health form

Assisting a Young Man with Patient Forms at the Dental Clinic

Mid-section shot of unrecognizable female guest filling hotel registration form at reception desk

A person fills out a paper form at home. Top view, shallow DOF, static footage.

male hand signing contract or subscription form with a pen on a rustic wooden desk

Low angle tracking of friendly male receptionist in glasses talking African-American woman and giving her registration form to fill out as his female colleague welcoming other guests


The orthodontist using dental impression tray on woman teeth. Dental spatula with print for dental implant.

Unknown woman filling form for cosmetic procedures sitting at desk with clinic specialist close up. Unrecognizable lady client writing information in official papers giving agreement for surgery.

Woman hand writing papers on desk close up. Unknown girl with pen filling form making notes writing document contract appointment. Unrecognizable elegant business lady working with paperwork indoors.

Senior man fiil the form at the reception in hospital

A slow dolly macro close-up shot filling out a generic workers compensation claim form. Data written are fictional.

Someone undergoing a job interview or a answering the questions of the poll by filling the form


Tilt down medium shot of elderly Black woman pouring cake batter into metal cake mold with parchment while baking homemade pastry during leisure time

African American man in formal suit walking in EU embassy, giving documents to female officer and having interview while applying for Shengen visa

Blank W-9 and Form W8-BEN or 8W U. S. individual income tax return and Internal Revenue Service . Tax payment concept. Filing taxes document


Vibrant Ink Abstraction Captivating Patterns Form As Colorful Paints Dance and Blend in Water. Colorful ink paint top view blending in the water in slow motion. Ink liquid art swirling underwater on black background. red blue yellow abstraction

Filling up contract form. Man's hands signing contract using pen.

Young person assists with patient forms at dental clinic


Tilt up medium shot of aged African American woman pouring liquid dough mixture into cake form with parchment while making cake at home


Hispanic Man Taking A Deep Breath, Latin Person Feeling Relief standing on street close up

Closeup of printed tax declaration form in female hands and women discussing questions in income tax return


Medium vertical shot of young African American female sales assistant in glasses and apron standing by shelves with cosmetics, counting stocks of merchandise on sale and filling form on tablet

A person checks the female box on a census or immigration form / document

Unknown doctor hands holding pen filling patient registration form in clipboard close up. Unrecognizable man medic writing medical prescription in modern clinic. Physician making notes in journal.

Asian office secretary offer to recheck the contract papers before signing the company working agreement, decision making, paperwork resign paper, got fired form job, jobless failure in career life

Female hands. they Completing tax declaration. Close up. Move camera

business and education concept - woman with documents and pen filling form

Tracking of hotel receptionists working with clients. Female manager smiling and handing key cards to guests as male administrator giving registration form to black woman booking room


Cropped shot of unrecognizable sculptor bending armature wires while shaping form of human skull, making female bust in workshop

A brunette guy in a red T-shirt and green shorts does an exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles on a special mat in a country

Male filling 1040 tax form. Individual income tax return form. Making financial report. Finances or economy concept. Accountant writing some data at home or office

business, tax, office, school and education concept - man filling a form


Fit woman in sportswear pushes sled in crossfit session. Biethnic athlete demonstrates strength, agility in gym training. Intense workout

Vertical full shot of young Caucasian female sculptor in apron standing by work desk and wrapping plaster cloth around wire armature while creating piece of contemporary art in workshop

Asian male registering for online membership with smartphone and tablet

Female hand checking red marker to do list on transparent background. Checkmark check box. Woman writing red tick in question form front camera

Signing legal bind paper document contract agreement form


middle eastern man in wheelchair suffering from paraplegia holding clipboard in hand, using pen to write on paper. Person with disability

Tilt up of young Caucasian woman in apron sitting at desk in small sculpting workshop and shaping base of clay bust with use of armature wire

An elderly man fills out a medical form on a clipboard - close up dolly shot

Medium vertical shot of attentive young African American female physician sitting in hospital, asking offscreen patient about his condition and complaints, and giving clinical recommendations

Man Is Writing contributes information In US Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040, Year 2018. Wage and tax statement for filing on April 15, tax day concept

Assisting a Young Man with Patient Forms at the Dental Clinic

Red flags checkmark for choosing answer options in checklist or questionnaire. Red checkboxes in question form or to-do calendar list on white background

Waist up of concentrated young Caucasian female sculptor using armature wire while shaping form of human skull to make clay head in small workshop

Assisting a Young Man at the Dental Clinic

A businesswoman fills out or signs a form and types on a computer keyboard; Shallow DOF, focus on the glasses.

A closeup view of a business owner filling out the Paycheck Protection Program form. The PPP was a necessity for business owners during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to aid employee retention.