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Farm Landscape, Midwestern Fields of Wheat, Aerial Drone Shot

Back view on the Caucasian man farmer in a hat going along the path in the golden wheat field on the beautiful sunset. Rear.

Farmer goes with rubber boots along green field. Rubber boots for work use. A worker go with his rubber boots at sunset time. Concept of agricultural business. Steadicam video.

Barn And Tilled Farm

AERIAL SLOW MOTION: Flying above rows of young maize on cornfield at sunset

Slow motion footage of a farmers hand planting carrot seed on his organic farm

Combine harvester gathers the wheat crop. Wheat harvesting shears. Combines in the field. Steadicam shot. Food industry concept.

Weed Removal. Man Works With A Hoe. Worker Loosens The Soil.

Cows on livestock farm

Young farmer in hat going on the field with a full wooden box of ripe vegetables at sunset. Real working process of picking harvest on the organic eco farm.

Rural life landscape. Village houses, gardens and trail.

AERIAL Agricultural farm with vast wheat fields under rocky mountain at sunset

Farmer woman, wearing work gloves, filled with freshly dug land to plant vegetables. Farmer working in field. Hands planting a seedling. Work in the vegetable garden.

HD Farms & Countryside Farm Horses

Four combines harvest sunflower

Farming father helping son push wheelbarrow up hill on their farm at sunset.

Two girls picking strawberries into a boxes at the field, drone view

Man Walking and Touching Wheat Spikes at Sunset

HD Farms & Countryside Countryside Farm

Lambs eat grass. Sheep on grassland. Herd grazes at the farm. Animals feel warmth and comfort.

Combine Harvests Wheat In Field

Napa Valley Vineyard at Sunset Tracking Shot

Agricultural tractor sowing and cultivating field. Tractor with a plow trailer plowing the field after sunset.

Calves feeding process on modern farm. Close up cow feeding on milk farm. Cow on dairy farm eating hay. Cowshed.


Close-up rye stem outdoors in sunshine on rural field. Cultivated agricultural crop growing in sunshine on summer day on meadow. Horticulture and nature concept.

Antique Breed Chickens

Pan Across Farm Grounds

wheat field on sunset animation loop

AERIAL, CLOSE UP: Golden wheat field on vast agricultural farmland at sunrise

aerial view of a bio corn field on a sunny day. concept of agriculture, nature and correct and organic food

sun flare wheat cornfield 1080 slow motion

Golden grain ready for harvest growing in a farm field. Wheat field. Ears of yellow wheat close up. Rich harvest Concept.

On the farm in the pen, beautiful cows have a white black coloring, eating grass and hay, close-up of muzzle, nose Concept ecology, bio products, agricultural, milk production, livestock, love animals

Tractor cultivating a green field in slow motion.

AERIAL: Flying above big vineyard field at beautiful summer sunset

Combine on golden field. Agribusiness and technologies.

Young happy farming couple watering lettuce produce on their farm with sun rays.

Fresh soil furrows plowed, ready for spring wheat crop.

SLOW MOTION: Sun shinning through wheat blades on agricultural field at sunset

Farmers Hand Touching Green Grass Corn Field in Harvest Season

Aerial view of agricultural machinery mulchers and harvesters as they work in a field of maize or corn in perfect natural atmosphere , biological hydro , ancient Italian traditions .

Portrait of a handsome young farmer standing in a shirt and smiling at the camera, on a tractor and nature background. Concept: bio ecology, clean environment, beautiful and healthy people, farmers.

Rows of young cabbage plants growing on a farm. View of vegetable plantation. Agribusiness or food concept.

The farmer inspects the harvest in the wheat field. Agriculture concept.

Proud farming father showing son the farm at sunset.

Steadicam Shot of Farm Animals - Pigs in a Pen

Happy farmer walking with watering can in hand on his lettuce farm .

Herd of sheep is moving. Animals under sunlight. Livestock bred in the village. Rural regions have better ecology.