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A repentant and annoyed man tears the hair on his head

Stressed man crosses out what is written and throws crumpled paper away from the table. Slow motion

Male office worker in despair lost job. Fired unhappy european bearded man losing job sitting on stairs. Upset young businessman in frustration outside office department. Unemployment. Crisis

Tired stressed black business man. Handsome African American business man with a depressed expression in bright office, side view.

Businessman sitting on stairs near office center with carton box and documents with a table flower as lost job. Male office worker in despair lost job. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic.

Shot of stressed business man in the office

Slow motion of a serious businessman tearing a contract in pieces. Angry furious male office worker throwing crumpled paper, having nervous breakdown at work, screaming in anger, stress management

Sad, unhappy woman standing close to the window with city view, 240fps

Stressed man throws crumpled paper away from the table. Slow motion

Overwhelmed office worker

Cheerless depressed businessman sitting at home

A disappointed young strong male sportsman sitting and looking down. An upset boxer after the failure

Unhappy businessman browsing business graphs and charts in night office. Sad analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office. Bankrupt and bad business statistic

Young confident male CEO scolding employees in office indoors in slow motion. Portrait of dissatisfied handsome Caucasian man talking gesturing arguing with irresponsible staff indoors.

Close-up of stressed businessman massaging his temples

Angry boss or business man punches the table, close up. Concept of violence and aggression and abuse of power

A young Caucasian man acts sad as he sits in a park in an urban area on a sunny day - buildings in the blurry background

Frustrated boss remained alone. Business failed.

Businesswoman showing failure to the camera and looking sad

Depressed caucasian woman covering face with palm while crying at workplace. Middle aged lady with dark hair sitting at office desk and suffering from burnout.

Portrait of black african business man praying to god. Sorrowful black man in suit indoor, checkered windows background.

A tear flows down the cheek of a young guy, slow motion, close-up

Upset business man looking financial reports in night office. Overworked financial analyst checking marketing charts in dark office. Stressed man having problem at work.

Sad man stands in the rain


Shocked elderly female in glasses looking around after reading terrifying news on mobile phone while sitting on sofa in living room at home

Upset athletic blonde woman sitting alone, lying down on bench in dark gym locker room tired after bad day slow motion.

Young beautiful athletic blonde woman is alone in dark gym locker room, feeling lost and stressed before competition.

Desperate man with problems in life in front of the mirror

Upset bearded man in untidy formal clothes is sitting in an empty apartment. The effects of the Covid-19 virus on the economy are unemployment, poverty, and disease.

Young depressed woman in nightgown sitting on floor near bed.

Sad businessman sitting on armchair and talking with therapist

sad, depressed young woman sitting in cafe,

Displeased adult female in casual clothes looking at her reflection in the mirror, feeling fat and ashamed of excess weight. Upset negative woman standing in front of mirror disappointed

Upset man with problems, close up

Businesswoman tries to cope with nervous tension or anxiety. Woman suffering from panic attacks or head ache. Girl in depression because of troubles at work.Serious concept.

Shot of stressed business man in the office

Sad young man standing leaning on a fence on the embankment on the bridge

Depressed Beautiful Woman Look Out of Window

A man looking at a computer screen and is nervous and worries from what he saw

Tired young woman working on computer, feeling head ache.

Close-up of male Caucasian hands tearing papers. Stressed adult man destroying documents. Stress, anger, aggression.

Overworked business woman throwing up document paper in night office. Stressed financial analyst touching face with hands in dark office. Tired woman having business problem at workplace.

sad woman waiting for her late boyfriend

Puzzled overworked lovely african american woman freelancer facing problems with new business project, stuck in work tasks, throwing financial charts up in despair and irritation while working at home

Worried Businessman Business Man Working With Laptop Pc In Office

Boss with tablet yelling at businesswoman by the table in the office

business, office, school and education concept - stressed businesswoman with computer at work

Handsome young man getting fired from work. Sad male walks through the office, carrying box with personal belongings.