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Three casual biologists in woods taking sample of earth in small can holdings digital tab in hands and using silver matal toolbox

Group of three casual biologists walking in woods discussing problems of ecology

Three casual biologists in woods taking sample of earth in small can holdings digital tab in hands

Unrecognizable cameraman shooting young beautiful woman with megaphone talking. Female Caucasian activist on urban demonstration against human rights discrimination or environmental pollution.

7 Environmentalist Woman Writes Note Barefeet On Office Desk

Medium shot of a middle-aged eco-conscious man looking at camera arms crossed

Side view portrait of absorbed concentrated young man examining green tree leaf with magnifying glass. Focused handsome Caucasian environmentalist exploring nature in summer forest.

Tilting-up medium shot of woman working as ecology expert sitting near waterside getting some water from toxic industrial zone to test tube for further test and analysis

Close up of middle-aged indonesian woman picking up plastic bottle from contaminated beach pitting it in garbage back looking at camera smiling with blue sky in background

Volunteer Couple Collecting Garbage and Cleaning Beach.

Medium shot of an eco-conscious young woman smiling at camera

Tracking shot of ecology researcher walking along muddy area of polluted town with lots of dust and gas emissions from copper-smelting factory


kid and adult volunteer walk on beach, seeking trash to pick in bag Spbi. nature ecology responsible activists in gloves finished cleaning shore. water, river, conservation concept

Medium tracking shot of two environmentalists in special protective suits, gloves and masks testing polluted water on quality control in one of most toxic and dangerous areas


unrecognizable volunteers picking plastic waste from ground sand on beach and put in bag Spbi. activists child save polluted earth. tidying dirty environment. concept ecology, help

Closeup of female ecology specialist tapping glass test tube with traces of soil from abandoned polluted zone dangerous for people

Full shot of female colleagues in protective costumes collecting data for quality control test of polluted water and soil with black hills of dust and waste in background

Panning overview shot of couple of environmentalists at work examining abandoned area of polluted industrial town

Full shot of two female ecology experts with equipment examining air, water and nuclear pollution of industrial city walking along muddy suburbs

Litle child volunteer cleaning up the beach at the sea. Safe ecology concept.

Closeup portrait of young male indonesian smiling at camera while collecting plastic to special garbage bags from messy beach

Medium shot of an eco-conscious young man and woman putting plastic water bottles into a bucket

Portrait of a biochemist or environmentalist on the background of the lake

Medium shot of eco-conscious man eating fruit from a plastic cup

Environmentalist Millenial In Nature Green And Sustainability Concept

Medium shot of man standing firm while wearing t shirt with recycling symbol on it against yellow background

Protect It Planet Earth Save Environment 3 D Animation Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Tracking drone full shot of ecologists in protective clothing holding equipment while walking along isolated dirty contaminated landscape with pond

Woman Shopping For Orange Fruits With Reusable Eco Bag. Concept Of Zero Waste, Vitamin C For Immunity.

Full shot of ecology experts in protective uniform and rubber boots finishing collecting material getting some waste water to test tube for further chemical analysis of industrial poisoned area

Full rear-view footage of couple of female ecology experts holding suitcase with equipment and laptop walking along polluted zone talking about nuclear pollution

Medium shot of woman in special protective uniform holding test tube with soil for further chemical analysis with her colleague working in background in toxic zone

Close up of female ecology specialist in glasses and respiratory mask outdoors in toxic and danger zone probing water on pollution and poisons looking at test tube

Closeup of unrecognizable hands in yellow gloves placing test tube with material from contaminated soil into special transparent plastic bag

Back-view footage of ecology experts in special protective costumes with equipment examining outskirts of most polluted city in world walking along dirty contaminated area

Close-up portrait of young smiling man holding garbage bag standing on dirty beach helping to save environment by picking up litter

Low-angle footage of female ecology experts wearing protective suits walking in isolated polluted landscape under clear blue sky

Close up of unrecognizable hands in yellow gloves of ecology expert getting some paddle water for testing in small test tube from polluted industrial town

Full shot of environmental specialists in protective uniform collecting material with water samples from polluted area for further quality control test

Environmentalist Man Wearing Black Gloves Picks Up Recyclable Bottle

Full shot of ecology specialists in blue protective costumes squatting getting puddle water to test tube for quality control test examining water pollution in dirty industrial town

Full shot of environmental specialists checking current situation in one of most polluted zones walking on hill in daylight

Medium shot of an eco-conscious young woman putting a plastic water bottle into a bucket

Medium shot of ecology expert in protective suit at toxic dangerous area placing test tube with polluted soil into special individual pack

Young Environmentalist Researching Plants And Enjoying Nature

Medium closeup of young female indonesian teen collecting litter from dirty polluted beach putting it in garbage bag then looking at camera smiling

Full back-view footage of environmental specialists in protective clothing going along contaminated landscape with working plant in background

Tilting-up footage of couple of female ecologists in special protective suits and respiratory masks checking current ecological situation in most polluted area walking through mud