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Renewable electric alternative energy from renewable sources sun and wind

Aerial view of wind power generators in Italy

Young green sunflower sprouts summer sunset slow motion slide against blue sky. Sun's rays are wheat plant. Agronomy Relax. Agro farm. Eco Agriculture. Go Everywhere

Wind farm for energy production against the backdrop of a beautiful farm valley

Majestic landscape of mountains and meadows. Misty mountain road in high mountain with spruce forests. Picturesque alpine scene.


Large wind turbines with blades on green field aerial view of green valley

recycle arrows symbol ecology animation

Green plant sprout in hands close-up, seedling with soil on field background. Eco-friendly and gardening concept.

Floods in Llierca bridge, La Garrotxa, Girona, Spain. January 2020

Eco volunteers cleaning up plastic waste from the pond in sunny weather. Young dedicated individuals restoring natural landscape for ecology movement.


Lviv, Ukraine - March 23, 2024: New Tesla Model 3 highland Electric car, charging port in EV modern car.


A Group of Farmers in Protective Suits and Respirators Spray the Plants with Chemicals. A Female Farmer Agronomist Uses a Tablet Computer to


Aerial panoramic view of town development in urban borough. Ecological green roofs on some buildings. Basel, Switzerland

Kyiv, Ukraine - 23. 07. 2021: Garbage truck with tractor and bulldozer on the landfill site pile. Aerial top view.

Windmill park in the ocean aerial view with wind turbine Flevoland Netherlands Ijsselmeer. Green energy.

Portrait of Caucasian teenage volunteer girl posing for camera while planting in public park together with multiethnic classmates and male teacher


Windmill park in Spring with tulip flowers, drone aerial view of windmill turbines generating green energy electrically, windmills in the


Large Waste Dump and Trash Truck with Garbage in Aerial Top View. Big Rubbish Landfill with Heaps Dirt Refuse. Damage Pollution Concept of

Volunteers Collecting Garbage From River Shore, Parents And Children Cleaning Beach, Save Ecology

Vehicle driving on highway next to solar farm in Utah from aerial view.

The engineer controls installation process of solar batteries, two employees in a uniform and in hardhat


Aerial tilt view of an industrial zone, pipes pouring thick white smoke. Thermal power plant pipes, air pollution.

Pollution of Beach Ecology and Environment Nature by Garbage. World Eco Control of Rubbish and Waste and Ecosystem Destruction. Dangerous


Young adult showing a thumbs down symbol in studio, disapproving with something. African american guy presenting a dislike symbol being in


Female hand in a energy-saving light bulb in the green moss and it's lighting up among the greenery of the virgin northern forest. Vertical

recycling, garbage disposal and ecology concept - green recycle symbol with household waste on grey background

Windmills for electric power production Havoygavelen windmill park Norway


Happy indian woman walking with eco friendly paper bag in hands filled with vegetables, living healthy lifestyle. Portrait of smiling person

Modern solar farm producing clean renewable energy. Solar energy business concept. Aerial landscape rows of solar photovoltaic panels

Drone flyover revealing dirty river in forest. Aerial 4K shot of nature. Ecology environmental pollution problems.


Gentoo penguins group walking snow covered hill in Antarctica. Funny sea birds running to frozen ocean bay, mountains in background. Explore

Aerial view of a solid waste landfill

Garbage floats in the sea. Muddy water. Abuse of environment


Electric car vehicles recharging. Electric vehicle charging port plugging in car. Charge station for electric cars. Electric, zero pollution

Panning view of cracking mud after a flood in Utah during the summer.

Slow motion of cheerful korean woman with digital tablet wearing hard hat standing against turbines at wind farm on sunny day

Woman with plastic trash and people collecting garbage on background

Destruction of environment. Ecological concept. Smoke spreading between mosses and rotten stumps. Smoke among dense green moss. Tree stump in forest at peat moss with spreading smoke

Care about nature. Volunteer girl collects trash in the trash bag. Trash-free planet concept. Nature cleaning, volunteer ecology green concept. Environment plastic pollution.

Epic and amazing inspirational travel drone footage of green and ecological urban city planning park in futuristic modern town. Trees and bushes of botanical garden, ecology global warming concept


Tilt down shot of caring Caucasian man in yellow cap feeding goats at farm on sunny day

Landscape with mountains and sheep. Herd of sheeps on pasture on mountain forests background.

Close aerial shot of a photovoltaic power station. Solar park France

A young activist with a poster fights for the planet in a landfill, wearing a mask. Student protests against pollution, nature conservation.


Hydroelectric power station spillway aerial view Hydroelectric power station renewable energy source. Hydroelectric power station eco-care


close-up of a mountain of corn at the market


Volunteers filling up holes after planting trees around the forest, contributing to environmental protection and restore nature. Activists


Medium slowmo portrait of Caucasian male animal farm owner wearing yellow cap posing for camera standing outdoors on sunny green pasture with herd of goats in background