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Macro footage of manual welding process in an electronics factory

View of woman's hands testing electronic board in laboratory using multimeter tester and other technologies

Dolly shot of electronic computer motherboard. Closeup elements of motherboard digital chip. Detailed view of information engineering components. Digital technology background

Buyers choose gadgets in an electronics store.

Close-up of CPU Chip Computer Central Processor. Modern computer technology concept.

Production line with computer processors on electronics factory. Creative. Microchip production process.

Quick Zoom In On Circuit Board Being Built By Hand In Electronics Factory

Circuit Board with moving electrons. CPU processing Data.

Man shopping for laptops in electronics store. Wide selection available.

Artist holding vertically green screen chroma key tablet computer with isolated display, playing stereo sounds with electronics using professional turntables. Musician having fun in night club


Close-up of a female software developer trying to recover lost hard disk data from the system.

Group of multiethnic computer engineers in lab coats repairing and assembling motherboards sitting in row at factory

A robotic mechanism is making an electronic printed circuit board

A computer processor with millions of connections and signals. Technology cpu background. Pulses and signals from the chip propagate through the motherboard.

Young customer comparing prices of TV screens in electronics department of appliance store.

Close up of female engineer of electronics in white coat and protective glasses checking motherboard with multimeter tester and other electronic devises

Advanced SMT Machine places components on a circuit board

High angle shot of female electronics engineer using microscope and examining magnified images of circuit board on computers at lab desk


Software developer does yearly checkup using tablet to prolong data center electronics life span. Close up shot of worker in server room

Circuit board extreme close up dolly shot

Fixing Circuit Board

Tokyo- Japan, 08. 01. 2023: Scene. Newly invented robots that work on launch and are controlled by people.

Advanced SMT Machine places components on a circuit board


Silicon semiconductor wafer close-up. In electronics, a wafer also called a slice or substrate is a thin slice of semiconductor, a crystalline silicon, used for the fabrication of integrated circuits

Curly-haired woman selects microwave oven in electronics store

Man in stylish shirt talking on cellphone in cafe, steady shot

A computer processor with millions of connections and signals. Technology cpu background. Pulses and signals from the chip propagate through the motherboard.


Smiling Woman as she Uses her Tablet in Urban Area

Asian male computer engineer wearing headband magnifier examining motherboard in laboratory

black female shopper is viewing exhibition samples of modern mobile phone in electronics shop, lady is buying smartphone in retail shop

Close up of female electronics engineer in protective glasses checking motherboard with multimeter tester in advanced technology laboratory

Chest up slowmo of two male diverse electronics engineers in white coats examining computer chip while doing research together in modern laboratory

Circuit board manufacturing in a high tech electronics factory close up macro. Female hands building the internal boards for consumer electronics

Experienced manager looking around innovative supercomputer headquarters, preparing to start comission on malfunctioning high tech


Guests entering Apple Store during Holiday Season NYC 4k

Male hand Installing a computer processor CPU. Personal computer repair. Modern Electronic Manufacturing Factory Design Engineer Holds Microchip.

Woman having a video call in bath, steady shot, slow motion

Businessman speaking on cellphone and working on laptop in the cafe

Couple chatting on tablet and lying on sunbeds, steadycam shot


Engineer inspecting server room hardware, walking between supercomputers. IT professional supervising data center workplace, checking

Engineer Celebrating Project Completion with Joy and Success. Smiling Architect Celebrates Profitable Deal, Scattering Papers Happily.

Businessman arranges his tie before an important online video chat talk. Office worker. Career and success

Woman having a videocall on cellphone on the house party

Team of electronics engineers in white coats working on the computers in advanced laboratory. Smart people working together. Back view

Girl with purple lips texting on smartphone, steadycam shot


Young Woman Working With Cute Cat on Laptop at Home

Elegant businesswoman talking on cellphone while reading menu in the restaurant

Man texting messages and drinking coffee