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Manual making of a computer microchip

Production of microchips in a modern factory

Macro dolly shot of a computer circuit board; 4k 60fps


Tiktok Close Up With Other Social Media App Icons

View of woman's hands testing electronic board in laboratory using multimeter tester and other technologies

Automated SMT machine placing electronic components on a board.

Micro chip is automatically applied. Printed digital electronic board production line.

Selective focus shot of electronics engineer in coveralls and gloves holding computer chip and examining it


Cool Dance Party In Trendy Nightclub, Portrait Of Cool DJ Playing Tracks By DJ Mixer, Nightlife

Dolly shot of electronic computer motherboard. Closeup elements of motherboard digital chip. Detailed view of information engineering components. Digital technology background

Macro footage of manual welding process in an electronics factory


Animation of computer circuit board. Details of mainboard with microelectronics components and connections. Cinema 4K 60fps zoom-in video in blue color

3D printer prints model hands made of white plastic close-up on yellow background. Clear movements of print head printer working platform. Modern 3D printing technology. Plastic spools of thread

USA, New York - September 15, 2023: Comparison of new iPhones. Action. Blogger compares latest versions of iPhones 14 and 15 pro. Comparison


Crowd Of Young People Dancing In Rave Party In Nightclub, Closeup View Of DJ Controller

Man holding umbrella in rainy city walking on speaker with technology mobile phone

Executive using laptop at desk 4k

Installing a computer processor CPU. A technician connects a microprocessor to a motherboard. Replacing a computer processor CPU

Man and woman working on computers

Interior of intensive care unit - two beds and artificial ventilation apparatus

Businessman or estate agent checking a property portfolio online


Beautiful young Asian woman working on laptop computer while lying on floor in living room, showing credit card, doing online shopping at home

Male dentist interacting with patient 4k

close up footage of Sound mixer at an event, musical equipment DJ

Man shopping for laptops in electronics store. Wide selection available.


Smart CCTV Webcam on Table in Blue Neon Light

Fixing Circuit Board

Medium slowmo of electronics engineer in coveralls looking at vertical computer monitor while examining motherboard components, working with colleague in dark laboratory


Silicon semiconductor wafer close-up. In electronics, a wafer also called a slice or substrate is a thin slice of semiconductor, a crystalline silicon, used for the fabrication of integrated circuits

Man turning gaming chair around, greeting viewers before playing videogame tournaments online during stream. Friendly professional gamer

Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: Smart machines in the service of man. Installation robot ICS in electronic Assembly.

Repairing a Computer Chip: Skilled Hands at Work


Woman hand using keycard entering office closeup. Unrecognizable businesswoman applying card to electronic sensor opening gate.

Smartphone with blank green screen on table in homeoffice

Doctor measures the pressure of a woman in a drugstore

Concept of payment, purchase, credit card, using ATM. Stock. Customers can use the phone to shopping online Order purchase Sell and Payment

Clean room manufacturing of silicon wafers for the semiconductors industry

Person using a soldering iron on board 4k

A man holding a lamp for analysis business data hologram. business digital background.


Closeup View Of DJ Mixer In Darkness, Cool DJ Playing Techno And Electronic Music For People Dancing

A close view of male hands using a digital tablet. Behind a bar counter


Cybernetic Visionary in Neon Realm. Surrounded by glowing screens, female figure with encapsulating the fusion of human and digital interfaces in a vibrant cyberpunk environment

Making a blank for laser lithography

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - 12 OCT 2016: Train travelers travel on an escalator in central railway station, time-lapse

Editorial: Tokyo, Japan- December 2016: Asian man playing VR game headset at home. New technology for game and virtual reality


Music producer recording and editing tracks in control room, pressing to create sound effects in post production. Audio technician operates


Pharmacist counts out prescription medication before being properly bottled in pharmacy drugstore.Healthcare and Medicine, 4k


Pharmacist female hands counting prescription drugs before bottling them properly in pharmacy.Health care concept