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Handsome man looks worried while sitting in the cafe, steadycam shot

jobless man walking to bench follow

Sad man standing next to the window at home

Downcast girl taking pills while crying, steadycam shot

Melancholic woman traveling by train, steadycam shot

Worried man sitting in the garden

Sad woman traveling alone by train, steadycam shot

Girl lying on the bed alone and crying

Pretty girl looks really worried while thinking about something

Businesswoman looks worried while checking documents in the cafe

Pensive woman standing in the kitchen and thinking about something

Sad woman walking on public square, steadycam shot

Unhappy student having problem and sitting at home


senior man thinking of some bad news

Unhappy man sitting alone in the restaurant


close shot senior man looking perplexed or in thought

Sad woman sitting on the bench and looking to the camera, steadycam shot

Sad woman drinking wine in the kitchen in the evening

Medium shot of optimist trainer encouraging depressed wheelchair man talking in gym

Pretty girl looks downcast while sitting on terrace and thinking about something


Slow Motion African american man in winter hat with sad smile looks at the camera, close-up shot

Businessman look worried and talks with his colleague in the cafe, steadycam sho

Sad businesswoman sitting alone outside the cafe

jobless man sitting on bench shoulder cam

Very sad girl sitting in the restaurant and looks hopeless

Sad man with scarf standing on boulevard, steadycam shot, slow motion 240fps


Sad african american man in winter hat looks at the camera and smiles shyly

Girl with strong makeup feels depressed and looking to the camera, steadycam sho

Girl looks very sad and crying to the camera, steadycam shot

Sad woman looking through the window and feeling lonely

Unhappy man sitting on the sandy beach and struggle with some problems

Couple having problems and woman crying next to the window

Woman comforting her unhappy friends on the sofa

Pretty girl looks unhappy while eating lunch and thinking about something, stead

Girl crying while reading very sad letter, steadycam shot

Sad woman traveling alone in the train, steadycam shot

Pretty, blonde girl thinking about something and looks very worried


senior man looks sad then at camera with stern look

man standing in a unemployment office looking at job postings

Worried woman sitting on the floor and drinking wine

Young girl crying while reading very sad book, steadycam shot

Downcast girl lying on the bed alone and crying

Sad couple separated by the window looking to the camera

Sad businessman sitting on the sofa and massaging head

Unhappy businesspeople sitting in the restaurant, steadycam shot

Sad woman waiting for someone in the street restaurant

Beautiful walking on the beach and looks very sad and lonely, steadycam shot

Sad woman looking through window at home