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Dismissed being Stamped on Green Screen with Alpha Channel Map Multiple Clips in one 4K and Full HD

You're Fired/We see frustrated businessman, who learned about his dismissal. The collar of his shirt unbuttoned, his tie loosened. In the background are his colleagues. The action takes place in the office on the background of large window

Sad female employee leaving the office after being fired, employment and crisis concept

Upset fired manager with personal stuff going out of office building, feeling depressed without job, follow shot

Sad young male European manager is fired and quitting job at multiethnic office, walking away with stuff box.

Getting fired - office worker packs his things in cardboard box and leaves the room

Fired from the job - worker alone in the office packs his belongings in a cardboard box and leaves the workplace

Young african woman getting fired from work. Female walks through the office, carrying box with personal belongings.

You are fired! Angry businessman boss entrepreneur in formal wear shouting to person showing finger to exit. Wide POV footage. High expression angry. 4k UltraHD.

Beautiful woman getting fired from the job. She packs her belongings in a cardboard box and leaves the office

Unemployed businessman sitting on office stairs in depression with box of stuff, lost his business. Group of professional successful businesspeople working in modern financial building.

Unemployment and economic crisis because of coronavirus. End of career, bankruptcy. Shocked frustrated mixed race business woman in office feel stressed because she fired. Covid-19, pandemic concept.

Sexism and racial discrimination. Young fired african american woman walking outdoors with box of personal belongings

Upset fired female employee leaving the job place carrying a box with a plant. Dismissed young Caucasian businesswoman walking near the corporation office buildings. Employment, termination concept.

Dismissed Caucasian woman wearing a formal suit in the business district. Upset unemployed girl sitting on the stairs with her work stuff and scrolling the phone. Termination, occupation concept.

A good-looking female finance, law employee walking in the business district. Hardworking young woman worker in a formal clothes with a box, documents and plant. Job, occupation, recruitment concept.

Close up of upset employee packing his things to the dismissal box

Upset dismissed woman employee putting her stuff in box from table at office as being fired. Unemployed packing things late at night. woman closing laptop and leaving workplace office in midnight

Redhair business woman leave the office after being fired

Economy crisis - young worker getting fired from his job. He packs everething in a box and leaves with an elevator

Why Did You Dismiss Me

Man wear face mask walking with box of personal stuff got fired due to coronavirus crisis unemployed depression employment economy. Depressed jobless person. Unemployment concept

Woman is getting fired from the job. She leaves the office very nervous

Attractive businessman boss dismiss his handicapped disabled employee sitting in disabled wheelchar outdoor of glass oggice building. You're fired disabled man concept. Slow motion.

Angry employee causing scene after getting fired from job, being discharged from business career. Female worker losing work, getting dismissed by diverse group of people, experimenting failure.

Asian office secretary offer to recheck the contract papers before signing the company working agreement, decision making, paperwork resign paper, got fired form job, jobless failure in career life


Depressed sad person getting fired from corporate job, packing belongings to leave office. Jobless disappointed man feeling worried about unemployment and career failure, being frustrated.

Fired young Caucasian businesswoman in a formal clothes leaving the office. Dismissed pretty finance worker carrying a box with the personal belongings. Employment losses, unemployment concept.

Frustrated adult woman fired, going out from office building and looking at camera. Dismissed Caucasian female in formal suit holding cardboard box with working stuff, plant. Employment, dismissal.

Angry woman leaving job meeting after getting dismissed, losing employment. Shocked person in despair being fired from office work, feeling worried about failed business career.

Fired Black Female Employee Leaving Office With Box Of Personal Stuff

Female worker being discharged from company job by HR team, leaving office angry. Unhappy jobless woman getting fired from office work, feeling displeased and worried about employment failure.

Zoom in portrait of unemployed young office worker sitting on bench with personal belongings, holding poster NEED MONEY

Desperate woman begging not to get fired from office job, feeling unhappy and worried about career. Shocked person getting dismissed and discharged from business work, losing employment.

Upset dismissed black woman employee putting stuff in box

Top view of frustrated businesswoman getting fired sitting on office staircase late at night crying holding box of stuff. Colleagues leaving office building unemployed depressed woman about losing job

Woman packing up belongings in box after getting fired from business job. Entrepreneur gathering office things from desk, being discharged from startup company. Dismissed worker

Sad fired businesswoman packing things in box being dismissed from job late at night. Unemployed woman closing laptop and leaving workplace office in midnight

Top view of dismissed businessman sitting upset about losing job on stairs in in modern financial building. Colleagues leaving office building. Unemployed depressed man getting fired.

You're Fired/We see frustrated businesswoman, who learned about his dismissal. In the background are her colleagues. The action takes place in the office on the background of large window

Displeased worker getting fired by multiethnic group of people, feeling sad about lost work and career. Female employee feeling angry about failure, losing job and being discharged.

You're Fired/We see frustrated businesswoman, who learned about his dismissal. The action takes place in the office on the background of large window

Jobless man gathering things in box after getting fired from work, feeling worried about future career. Person receiving bad news about employment, being dismissed from job during pandemic.


Distraught businessman getting fired from company job, gathering office belongings in box to leave work. Jobless person feeling disappointed and frustrated about career failure and unemployment.

Unemployment Concept. Upset Fired Black Female Employee Holding Box Of Personal Stuff


Disappointed sad person getting fired from work and packing things, leaving office after being dismissed. Frustrated unhappy worker gathering belongings and worrying about unemployment.

Stressed man getting fired from company job and packing up office things in box. Jobless person feeling unhappy and frustrated about being dismissed from business work. Unemployment

Displeased employee getting fired from business work job, feeling shocked about bad news and unemployment. Jobless upset woman being dismissed from corporate and human resources career.