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CEO addressing employee's performance in office. Manager reprimanding stressed worker. Challenges in business.

Portrait of depressed shocked Asian woman with belongings in box looking at camera standing in office as blurred colleague sneering at background. Sad stressed employee leaving job.

Selective focus medium close-up portrait of depressed nerd girl holding copybooks standing in classroom, her classmates throwing paper ball at her

Black teen girl sitting at home, reading embarrassing message on mobile phone, looking in mirror and hating her reflection

Social issues. Sad woman suffering from bullying and discrimination, group mates laughing and throwing papers balls at her

Group of three tough teenagers standing in classroom offending and humiliating nerd girl, pushing her and saying awful words

Selective focus medium long shot of three teenagers insulting their nerd classmate and laughing at him

Portrait of troubled teenage girl looking at camera as bullies filming on smartphones at background laughing. Sad charming Caucasian schoolgirl posing on schoolyard with classmates making fun.

Shouting cruel pupils teasing schoolchild in school hall close up. Aggressive children mocking punishing teen child. Diverse teenagers humiliate unknown classmate after conflict. Bullying concept.

Portrait of a Teenage Girl Dealing with Bullying

Panning medium shot of teen boys and girls spending break time in classroom teasing their nerd classmate

Handheld shot of teenage boy and girl having fight, pushing and poking each other, while their classmates making notes in copybooks

Stressed ashamed sad girl covering ears with hands looking at camera as blurred classmates making fun laughing at background. Live camera zoom in to bullied Caucasian teen student posing outdoors.

Medium long shot of tough teenager harassing his nerd classmate, two girl laughing at it and recording video on smartphone

Front view of Caucasian sad boy looking at camera unsticking adhesive tape from mouth. Portrait of abused child posing at black background with upset facial expression. Abuse and bullying concept.

Selective focus shot of depressed teen girl sitting at desk in classroom trying to ignore bullies, who throwing paper balls at her

Portrait of sad bruised Caucasian beaten boy looking at camera as female hands touching shoulders. Close-up of abused kidnapped child posing at black background as women supporting kid.

Boy and girl fighting on schoolyard with shocked classmates standing at background. Angry unsatisfied Caucasian teens pushing each other outdoors. Misunderstanding and conflicts concept.

Long-haired boy wearing casual outfit abusing nerd student, their classmates having fun watching them

Selective focus shot of Caucasian boy wearing eyeglasses sitting at desk in classroom being bullied by his classmates

Frightened Caucasian boy with scared facial expression looking at camera as unrecognizable mother hitting belt on palm. Abused beaten son with violent aggressive parent posing at black background.

Group of three teenage bullies surrounding nerd boy pinching, poking and insulting him during break at school

Portrait of distressed boy reacting to sister's actions at home. Family dynamics explored.

Handheld medium shot of modern teen girl fighting back her bully in classroom at school

Medium long shot of group of teenage students humiliating their female classmate, the girl starting crying

Ashamed bullied Caucasian teen girl covering mouth with hands looking at camera as blurred classmates laughing out loud at background. Portrait of frustrated depressed bullied student posing outdoors.

Teen boy and girl bullying their male classmate, grabbing and throwing his books, backpack and smartphone, tousling his hair and mocking him

Selective focus shot of ethnically diverse middle school students sitting at desks in classroom bullying depressed girl, throwing papers at her

Portrait of a bullied schoolboy with classmates laughing in the background. Sad and overwhelmed, the boy poses on the schoolyard. Bullying concept.

POV of four multi-ethnic teenagers standing in classroom bullying unrecognizable classmate

Slow motion medium long shot of teen nerd girl wearing eyeglasses standing against chalkboard in classroom suffering bullying, her classmates throwing paper balls at her

Teenager teasing schoolmate outdoors. Portrait of rude student mocking classmate on schoolyard. Bullying and humiliation.

Nerd girl standing at chalkboard speaking about formula when her classmates starting throwing papers and pointing fingers at her

Front view bruised beaten teenage girl pushing away belt and fist looking at camera. Portrait of beaten Caucasian teenager posing at black background. Fight for freedom concept.

an Asian woman with green clothes and long black hair is crying on a rock after being bullied by her friend in the middle of the forest