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A repentant and annoyed man tears the hair on his head

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky

Stressed Caucasian boy holding head in hands as sitting in front of laptop. Side view portrait of depressed college student having studying difficulties or personal problems. Lifestyle, stress.

Headache. Close up of frustrated man being drunk while sitting on the floor and touching his face

Problems. Close up of young girl crying heavily while feeling nervous and dispirited


Professional burnout. Young exhausted african american lady sitting at workplace with stack of documents and laptop

Men Sitting On Beds In Homeless Shelter

Sad young businessman sitting on the stairs near office building. Tired putting hands to the head. Male office worker in despair lost job. Feeling bad and annoyed.

Sad, desperate woman walking by window at home at night, super slow motion

Sad, desperate woman standing by window at home during sunset, super slow motion


Despair of news. Hopeless man praying to God, feeling desperate because of global situation, free space

Sad, worried man looking by the window during night, 4K

Loneliness. Close up of bearded man feeling lonely while sitting on the floor and drinking alcohol

African American student in hallway of lockers looking worried 4k

Crying- woman eye with tears

Asian woman feeling stress in severe depression

Interior of a prison cell with foggy light shining through a barred window and shadows on a floor.

Hopeless adult woman thinking about her problems

An extreme close up portrait of homeless dirty beggar man lying outdoors. Slow motion.

Close-up face of overwhelmed young African American woman sitting indoors at home. Side view portrait of worried anxious attractive lady thinking planning problem solution. Stress concept.

Melancholic thoughtful woman sits on the windowsill looks out the window frustration sickness hopeless loneliness depression alone beautiful home bed lonely gown comfortable close up slow motion

Close-up of a depressed drug addict staring away

Woman feeling down on a overcast day. Depression and Nostalgia. Anxiety growing in a womans life. Black and white and color 4k video

4K Concept of depression. Dark man silhouette. Back view. Abstract cinematic shot. Male walking in a railway tunnel.

Depressed African American male in front of school locker 4k

Close-up of a depressed drug addict staring away

Sad woman lying in a bed

Close up of a distressed woman sitting in bed

In despair. Close up of young bearded man sitting on the floor while drinking alcohol and expressing sadness

The girl in the depression

Depressed woman silhouette

Teenage boy in t-shirt laughing hysterically. Nervous teen guy with emotional face expression. Abstract blurred background.

Despaired young man covering face with hands while sitting on couch and listening to african american psychotherapist during counseling session

Young man disorder and discontent, sadness, punches.

close up shot face young lonely sensual virgin european blue eyes girl room look morning sun light deep breathes in pure smell calm wind blowing Natural beauty

An abstract concept of solitude and loneliness.

Quarrel between husband and wife

Sad woman suffering with depression

Sad woman crying on sofa at home

Depressed woman silhouette

Troubled African American Male sitting in stairwell 4k

Couple suffering of domestics violence because of alcoholic man. Violent aggressive man abusing injuring terrified helpless, vulnerable, afraid, beaten and panicked wife living in terror and pressure

An upset man looking down. An athlete is in despair after the failure

Girl in depression close up

Attacked by problems. Young frustrated man expressing sadness while sitting at the table and propping his head up

Upset Woman Under Stress

Walking on scary foggy road in complete darkness. Wandering on misty street at night with flashlight illuminating the path ahead. Lost in the dark on empty road in pitch black.

Emotionally stressed pensive african woman in deep thoughts sitting in driver's seat and looking through car window with raindrops, staring with depressed expression, full of melancholy and sadness.