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Indian man is sad and defeated, and runs his hand over his face - Slow Motion - shot on RED

sad woman sitting on the stairs in the city

A young woman is sad and defeated, and buries her head in her hands - shot on RED

Defeated being Stamped on Green Screen with Alpha Channel Map Multiple Clips in one 4K and Full HD

An upset muscular male boxer sitting with his head down against dark background. A topless strong sportsman


Nervous esport gamer losing in arcade tournament. Sad player having bad result in online game. Unhappy ginger guy fail in cyber competition on weekend night. Disappointed man hitting table with hand.

sad man sitting on a bench in a park

Close Up - Indian man looks down and off to the side, defeated - Slow Motion - shot on RED

Battle worn solder walking through water and mud. Exhausted lone marine armed with rifle dirty and muddy from moving through enemy territory. Defeated warrior returns home.

man is defeated. Sad businessman finds out bad news and falls into despair

Older man looks around defeated, in front of a white backdrop.

A man holds a YOU'RE FIRED! protest sign outside the White House. People gathered outside The White House after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.

Game over for upset gamer playing on powerful computer first person shooter game during online tournament. Defeated man with headphones streaming online cyber performing late at night in gaming room

Competitive player losing e-sport championship using technology network wireless. Defeated woman playing online space shooter competition with powerful professional computer

A cinematic shot of a man that is feeling defeated

Lone soldier looking at camera then walks away. Weary battle-worn marine in countryside giving up the fight and going awol, defeated after battle.


Upset cyber player losing in online computer game at home. Sad man cover face with hands. Disappointed esport professional defeated in arcade tournament. Gamer student wearing headset in cyberspace.

Close Up - Pan to Indian man staring through a fence, defeated and hurt - Slow Motion - shot on RED

Couple of gamers losing space shooter tournament while playing in room with RGB. Defeated player with headphones streaming online cyber performing during online gaming competition.

Couple of gamers making winner gesture while playing space shooter virtual championship. Defeated player with headphones streaming online cyber performing during online gaming competition.

Sad woman gamer wearing virtual reality headset losing space shooter games on online tournement using wireless controller. Defeated player playing for online competition late night in gaming room

Pro video game r losing space shooter competition while wearing virtual reality headset. Defeated gamer using professional console for online tournament on powerful computer in gaming home studio

Fail Bad Result Stamp Reject Failure Word 3d Animation

Disappointed african man in headset got defeated during video games on modern laptop. Young father sitting at table and playing on computer while his wife taking care of daughter on background.

Pro cyber streamer losing videogame tournament while wearing professional headset holding wireless controller. Defeated gamer using joystick for online competition late at night in gaming room

young handsome child boy is scared (defends) - green screen - studio

Man takes off a face mask. Coronavirus is defeated.

Resistance Is Futile Robot Assimilation 3 D Animation