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Dolly shot of a depressed woman being deep in thoughts and then looking dully at the city through the window glass

Depressed girl deep in thought, portrait. Doubtful worried woman is thinking. Frightened lady on blurred background.

Businessman trying to remember something in deep thoughts

Portrait of pensive handsome african man in deep thoughts sitting on sofa in domestic interior, thinking about problems and solutions, making hard decisions, expressing worry and unconfident.

Admirable young fellow relaxes in a downtown tourist trendy spot, he is concentrated deep into thoughts and dreams, but looks into camera with a long pleasant stare


Face of woman in deep thought

Tranquil pretty long brown hair woman in deep thoughts sitting on beanbag chair on meadow, pondering over something, enjoying beautiful sunset during summer vacations in countryside.

Extreme Close Up - Pretty woman contemplating deep in thought. - Slow Motion - shot on RED

Woman at home deep in thoughts

Portrait of worried upset pretty black female with curly hair in deep thoughts holding hands in pray, begging for god help and mercy, wishing and hoping to solve issue, looking desperate and helpless.

Handheld shot of man in a red shirt standing in a calm ocean starts praying in deep thought and looking up at the sky for answers as the sun rises and the camera follows him in an arch shot from side to side.

Emotionally stressed pensive african woman in deep thoughts sitting in driver's seat and looking through car window with raindrops, staring with depressed expression, full of melancholy and sadness.

Lifestyle portrait of serious pretty black woman with curly hair in deep thoughts holding pen, pondering over hard decisions, looking pensive and concentrated while planning startup project.

businessman in empty room with big panoramic windows looking on the urban city view. young professional man wearing in elegant suit alone in modern apartment. caucasian male deep in thought

Portrait of handsome african man with finger on chin pondering over something, looking upwards in deep thoughts. Contemplative black guy daydreaming deeply about something.

rack focus to man standing in kitchen in deep thought or depressed 4k

Portrait of pensive handsome african american man in deep thoughts looking for inspiration and ideas, pondering about something while creating business startup in public park in summertime.

Successful african american financial analyst drawing stock market data on glass board with marker. Pensive black businessman in deep thoughts analyzing and forecasting trends of stock market indoors.

Pensive depressed woman in deep thoughts sitting on the bed, hugging her knees and looking with sad and unhappy expression. Melancholic female sitting in loneliness on bed during weekend at home.

An attractive business man in deep thought turns to reveal he has half a beard with dramatic lighting.

Hindu man looking up and thinking about something pleasant. Deep thoughts. Pensive dark-skinned guy, windows background.

Lonely Sad Woman Deep In Thoughts

Portrait of upset pensive attractive woman in predicament deep in thoughts with marker in hands, standing at window, with word impossible written on glass, looking hopeless, helpless and lost.

Elderly male person is thinking. Senior man trying to remember something in deep thoughts. Pensive grandfather trying to recollect something in memory.

Pensive charming mixed race female in pajamas deep in thoughts wrapped in warm blanket sitting on cozy bed, listening to music with earphones, looking with sad thoughtful expression in bedroom.

Portrait of handsome sporty african american basketball player in deep thoughts with hand on forehead leaning against sports metal fence in rays of rising sun, looking with pensive sad stare.

Outdoor portrait of thoughtful handsome athletic african basketball player with ball in deep thoughts standing at urban court in morning, leaning on and looking through sports fence with pensive stare

Old man deep in thought sitting on bench

Close-up of a senior manager being deep in thought

closeup of businessman looking at something deep in thought

Pensive adorable preteen african girl in deep thoughts propping up chin with hand, contemplating about something, making choice, looking puzzled, with placid and thoughtful look indoors.

Trendy and fashionable youth teenager African American male stays deep in his thoughts about future, global-warming but he has hope and optimism deep inside him and smiles with relief

Serious african male driver sitting in front seat in deep thoughts, holding steering wheel with one hand and closing car window during road trip in the city, expressing confidence and determination.

man in deep thought looking at the city below from the roof top of a hotel 4k

Portrait of pensive handsome stylish young arab guy with dreadlocks in casual clothes in deep thoughts looking up with hand on his face, pondering about something in home interior.

Beautiful woman in deep thought across table from handsome dinner date at night

Lonely woman deep in thoughts. Portrait of beautiful sad girl closeup. Face of attractive woman close up. Cute girl with beautiful hair biting lip. Girl deep in thought kissing little finger

man sitting on his sofa deep in thought 4k

Boxer sitting at the edge of a boxing ring deep in thought after work out in foggy gym

Young woman sitting on the beach with bad weather and looking on the sea.

Emotionally stressed lovely african female in deep thoughts leaning on window in domestic room, looking through glass with sad helpless expression, suffering from depression and loneliness.

Portrait of pensive african american businesswoman in deep thoughts propped up chin with smart phone while sitting in car backseat, looking out car window, pondering about new business project.

Deep in though young woman is walking alone on beautiful deserted sandy beach

Girl with Head in Hand leaning on Park Bench

Young woman standing on the beach with bad weather and looking on the sea.

Friends having water cruise on the yacht at sunset. Everyone is in his own deep thoughts

Asian senior elderly man stressing worry expression 4k

Portrait of attractive teenage girl in street clothing sitting on side of building with skate in hands. Girl is in deep thoughts looking in distance.