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Close-up of young person's hands holding contraceptive and putting it into pocket. Unrecognizable individual promoting protection and prevention.

Close-up of Female Hand Holding Pills

Pink birth control pill blister. Every day of a week in an endless loop. Pink birth control pills in a feminine blister. Single pill for every day of a week. Modern female contraception medicine. Top view camera moving sideways in an endless

Close-up condoms in hands of unrecognizable teenage girl hiding protective contraceptive in pocket. Caucasian adolescent teenager sitting on gynecological chair consulting gynecologist in hospital.

Unrecognizable teen girl receiving condoms from gynecologist sitting on gynecological chair in hospital. Adolescent Caucasian teenager consulting expert specialist indoors. Contraception concept.

Pill with water close up. Girl taking vitamins. Girl's hands with rings.

African American woman gets sad discovering positive result

Lovers on the Sofa

Caring mother guiding her adult daughter. Building trust and confidence.

Surprised woman holding positive pregnancy test, expressing disbelief. Portrait of young lady sitting on bed with confused expression.

Senior woman doctor shows can of pills and thumb up. Physician's piece of advice. Windows background.

Planned Parenthood tilt exterior sign 4k

Planned Parenthood building exterior Bloomington Indiana 4k

Side view of Caucasian mother and son quarreling at home. Woman showing condom found in boy's backpack, teenager justifies himself. Problem, family, conflict, worry.

Unrecognizable pregnant woman gesturing indoors. Unhappy expectant person advertising contraception.

Man Talks about Plans for the Future

Studio closeup of a young woman smiling with a pill on chromakey for healthcare and medication

Young woman's emotional journey with pregnancy. Raw video footage.

Anxious middle-aged woman doing pregnancy test, expresses happiness and positive emotions looking at positive result, rejoices expecting baby, excited about future motherhood, isolated beige backdrop

Planned Parenthood Bloomington Indiana 4k

Exterior building Planned Parenthood Bloomington Indiana 4k

Couple Flirting on the Couch

Planned Parenthood parking sign Bloomington Indiana 4k

Planned Parenthood exterior downtown Bloomington Indiana 4k

Pregnant Belly: Think Before Acting

Concerned parent discovers unexpected item in child's backpack.

Smiling doctor in white coat pointing at medicine bottle and looking at camera on a Green Screen, Chroma Key