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Close-up of young female Caucasian hands holding condom and putting it into pocket. Unrecognizable teen girl holding contraceptive. Protection, confidence, prevention.

Medicine And Drugs Taking A Pill

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Medicine And Drugs Taking A Pill V 3


Unrecognizable teen girl receiving condoms from gynecologist sitting on gynecological chair in hospital. Adolescent Caucasian teenager consulting expert specialist indoors. Contraception concept.


Close-up condoms in hands of unrecognizable teenage girl hiding protective contraceptive in pocket. Caucasian adolescent teenager sitting on gynecological chair consulting gynecologist in hospital.

Pills In Blisters Pack Pharmaceutical Drugs

Young brunette Caucasian mother giving her teenage daughter condom. Wise woman taking care of her adult child. Trust, reliance, confidence.

Pharmacist putting blisters of pills on the counter, working at his drugstore

Beautiful woman thinking of buying pills at drugstore, looking confused

Pills in blisters on the counter, pharmacist examining medicine package on the back

Taking A Pill Medicine And Drugs V 2

Tubectomy procedure of a woman's fallopian tubes.

Worried Caucasian mother giving condom to teenage son. Shy young boy thanking parent. Woman taking care of teenager's health. Contraception, sexual education, birth control.

Close-up view of a female hand putting the pill on his tongue. Troubled teens. Drug addiction. Unhealthy lifestyle. Slow motion

Beautiful woman receiving pills from her pharmacist, shopping at drugstore

Close-up of adult female Caucasian hands giving condom to teen boy. Mother taking care of son. Contraceptive, prevention, birth control, sexual education.

Close-up of female Caucasian hands taking out condom from backpack. Worried mother found contraceptive in teen son's or daughter's staff. Worry, health care, sexual education, control.

Pills and capsules. Zoom Out

Close-up of bad looking woman face holding many pills in her mouth looking in camera. Troubled teens. Drug addiction.

A young man putting on a condom on a banana. The concept of safe sex and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Cheerful woman smiling, reading instructions for pills in blister

Insertion of an intrauterine device into the uterus.

Friendly male pharmacist selling pills to female customer

Close-up view of a male hand putting the pill on his tongue. Troubled teens. Drug addiction. Unhealthy lifestyle. Slow motion

Beautiful woman looking confused, choosing between two products at pharmacy

Taking A Pill Medicine And Drugs

Contraceptive Injection concept

Morning after pill Medical Treatment

Lovely happy woman holding blister of pills, smiling at the pharmacy

Attractive woman smiling, choosing medical products from the shelf at drugstore

Bad looking woman with many pills in her mouth close-up. Troubled teens. Drug addiction.

Medical pills falling down. Medicine concept. Treatment Many colored capsules

Smiling female customer showing ok sign, holding pills blister at drugstore

Happy healthy woman showing thumbs up, holding blister of pills at drugstore

Portrait of worried young Caucasian woman looking around and checking backpack. Shocked mother taking out condom and thinking. Sexual education, contraception, lifestyle.

Portrait of serious Caucasian woman checking child's backpack and taking off condom. Worried parent finding contraceptive. Care, control, prophylaxis.

Great background of Drugs rotating close up.