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Female worker complaining to her office colleagues about work load

Medium shot of a young man complaining to camera

Annoyed man expressing negativity at psychologists office

Young Asian woman sitting on sofa, talking to african american psychotherapist and then start crying during counseling session

Upset young woman complaining to the barista at bar counter in cafe

Medium shot of a two young male workers arguing about delivery package in a distribution center

Medium shot of an angry middle-aged man pointing and talking to the camera

Complaint Angry Customer Feedback Envelopes 3 D Animation

3 Woman Yawning During Boring Conversation With Partner

Angry woman scolding against studio background

Portrait shot of young black woman in hat and sunglasses standing against chalkboard wall in dark studio and screaming demands into loudspeaker

Headshot portrait of young handsome bored man listening to blurred angry woman arguing at background. Close-up of Middle Eastern husband listening Caucasian wife shouting and gesturing.

Female Patient Suffering From Ear Pain Talking With Therapist Indoor

Young sad caucasian girl complaining about something to the older brunette woman sitting next to her. Pretty irritated teen talking with her wise grandmother in the autumn park.

Medium shot of a displeased film director criticizing performance during filming

Woman having an argument against white background

Tilt up of despaired asian woman talking to african american psychotherapist and crying during counseling session

Portrait of pretty young Caucasian woman complaining about household problems while her husband lying on couch and using smartphone. Man ignoring his spouse. Problems, scolding, relationship.

Close view of stressed wroth young brunette which sitting on sofa in domestic living-room and disputing with angry 8-aged son which walking back and forth

Frustrated woman complaining about her problems to psychologist

Brunette young Caucasian woman talking to police officer and showing around. Female robbery victim sitting on sofa and complaining detective about break-in. Law enforcement, police protection.

Mature male patient complaining doctor about migraine pain indoors

Middle Eastern young woman calming down stressed Caucasian friend complaining indoors in the evening. Supportive beautiful Muslim lady endorsing sad crying millennial indoors hugging.


Curly mixed race girl sitting on dental chair explaining stomatological problem to woman dentist. Pediatric stomatologist listening to child complaining of toothache during visit to dental office

Sequence of shots of young man complaining of sore throat and headache to senior doctor. Physician examining his neck and conducting finger to nose test during medical checkup in clinic

Portrait of young man in eyeglasses cheering up depressed blurred drunk friend. Handsome Caucasian guy supporting frustrated mate indoors. Endorsement and stress concept.

Close-up of desperate young man complaining as blurred middle aged guy supporting talking at background. Side view of handsome Caucasian son sharing problems with wise father. Support concept.


Family doctor visiting teenage African American girl at home checking patient. Portrait of confident professional man talking to teenager taking medical history. Medicine and service.

2 Man Yawning During Boring Conversation With Partner


Close-up hands of desperate troubled blurred African American man talking complaining in sunlight. Stressed frustrated businessman in suit gesturing in slow motion sighing in sunrays outdoors.

Rack focus goes from middle aged Caucasian father supporting son to frustrated young man sharing problems with parent sitting on bench in summer park. Trust and unity concept.


No face shot of a woman doctor using pulse oxymeter to measure oxygen saturation to the patient complaining about COVID-19 symptoms

Female Patient Talking With Therapist Complaining About Health In Clinic


Portrait of ill African American teen girl talking to family doctor explaining symptoms. Unhappy beautiful teenager consulting physician indoors in living room. Health care and medicine concept.

Portrait of irritated angry cute black adolescent sisters quarreling emotionally on couch, complaining and refusing to hear each other while upset mom unable to resolve family dispute at home.

Back view of aged couple looking at screen of laptop and talking to doctor woman using online video call, medical consultation at home

Back view of elderly spouses looking at screen of notebook and talking to doctor female using online video call, medical consultation at home

Portrait of sad disappointed black mother complaining about problems of family relationships, lack of communications from teenage daughters mobile phone addiction and online phone excessive use.

Medium shot of an impatient customer standing in queue and complaining about slow service in delivery center

Portrait of tired Caucasian young man closing ears with hands as his wife complaining out load about their family life. Relationship problems, conflict, ignoring.

Confident young women talking sitting on couch as blurred redhead plus-size friend standing at background in kitchen. Ladies ignoring chubby woman indoors. Friendship concept.

Upset old bearded man complaining on chest pain to his local female doctor which visiting him at home,healthcare concept

Sick Caucasian man in Covid-19 face mask complaining chest pain to doctor. Professional woman consulting ill patient on coronavirus pandemic indoors. Covid appointment concept.

Aged male and his spouse talking to doctor by laptop using online video call, coughing and complaining of throat ache, medical consultation at home

Senior man and his wife talking to doctor by laptop using video call, coughing and complaining of chest pain, online medical aid at home

Portrait of young beautiful women dissatisfied with film in cinema. Charming attractive Caucasian ladies gesturing and talking watching movie. Displeased annoyed film-lovers in movie theatre.

Portrait of dissatisfied African American woman sitting on couch talking with unrecognizable man standing at background. Tired wife working in home office supported by husband.

Sad young Middle Eastern man listening to Caucasian woman complaining at background cooking salad. Portrait of stressed unhappy husband arguing with upset wife at home indoors.