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A female silhouette sitting in the lotus position on the grass, meditating while absorbing the energy from the morning rays of the sun.

A female silhouette sitting in the lotus position on the grass, meditating while absorbing the empowering energy from the universe.

Hungry employee eating food by the window at work. Eating at the workplace during the deadline.


A woman is seated on a couch, engrossed in reading a book. She is focused and immersed in the pages as she flips through them.

Man applying moisturizing, revitalizing hand cream, close-up

Baby boy talking while playing with plasticine at home

View of billiard's table and man playing snooker

Urban Exploration: Contemplative Mature Woman Walks with Carefree Gaze, Absorbing the City's Essence and Sunlight

Close up of solar panels established in rows on field. Huge farm with cells that absorbing sunlight. Production of alternative energy.

Splattering Red Color Of Blood On Parchment Paper On White Macro Background Red Ink Splattered With Water And Color 4

Sunlit Serenity: Relaxed Overweight Young Man Breathes Deeply Outdoors, Absorbing Nature's Beauty in Sunlight Lens Flare Enhances the Joyful Emotion of the Contemplative Caucasian Male

Girl checking papers and working on laptop in the cafe

Exploratory Gaze: Newborn's Adorable Eyes Curiously Absorbing the World

Hungry employee eating food by the window at work

Urban Exploration: Happy Hispanic Woman in Car Backseat Gazes Out Vehicle Window, Absorbing the Urban Cityscape of a New Place, Embracing the Nighttime Attractions

Slow Motion Water Pouring on Dirt

Side view of man typing messages on laptop keyboard in dark room. Anonymous male on a laptop at night. Concept of internet addiction. A man

Sad male in casual clothes sitting on sofa and reading book while resting in cozy living room at home

Baby being feed by someone and eating tasty food

Elegant woman in blue strolls along serene tropical coast. Absorbing scenic ocean panorama, tranquil sea breeze soothes her. Perfect for

Aerial view flying backwards over maze of cliffs in the desert revealing valley at the base in the Utah desert.

Baby boy watching monkeys in the zoo with his mother, slow motion shot at 240fps

Morose girl in wreath of flowers playing on violin, steadycam shot

Man finishes reading book and relaxing in the garden

Curious Discoveries: Baby Boy Seated at Park, Absorbing the World's Wonders in the Embrace of Nature

Shocked woman putting hands on top of head staring at camera in disbelief and surprise by unexpected news standing on blue background

Pensive student sitting in the library and thinking about something

Child sitting on the floor and playing with colorful blocks

Woman reading book in the cafe

Creating Origami: Woman Demonstrates Paper Folding

Busy girl sitting cafe and typing on laptop, steadycam shot

Flying over gap in sandy cliff wall viewing valley behind in the Caineville desert in Utah.

Woman reading book by the pool, steady shot

Woman sitting by the table in the dining room and reading absorbing book, steady

Engaging scene: Woman reading in cafe, steady shot

Flying low over desert cliffs towards open valley in the desert near Caineville Utah.

Adorable child enjoying snack and watching TV while seated

Painting Blood Red With Brush

Boy watching elephant in the zoo with his mother

Man applying hand cream or body gel, close-up

Engaging woman reading in a public setting


A little boy comfortably seated on a couch, engrossed in reading a book and doing exercises with a pen in a cozy living room setting.

Toddler Boy Stands Up On Pier Slow Motion

Absorbed girl playing on violing while sitting on the field, steadycam shot

Water droplets on turquoise surface: Large drops absorb smaller ones

Hipster girl reading book in the cafe and smiling to the camera, steadycam shot

Splaterring Red Ink On Parchment Paper And Then Painting Over With Paint Brush

Literary Retreat: Woman in Her 30s Reading a Book Outdoors