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Relaxed man enjoying outdoor summer rest. Travel and vacation concept. Trailer home in background.

A woman in a hammock on a hill, surrounded by forest, sways gently in the breeze, admiring the magnificent view of the blue sea. She's in her element, camping outdoors, relaxed, and at peace.

Young woman working in a hammock at sunset. Remote work concept.

Happy tranquil millennial woman relaxing on comfortable couch.

Man enjoying a peaceful day at the beach

Crowd at Platja del Somorrostro Beach Barcelona, Spain during The Day, People Walking, Biking

Multiracial friends enjoying nature and conversation

Boy sitting on barrier near stick and admiring mountains on sunny summer day

Happy young asian woman relaxing at home. Female smile lying down on sofa and dancing. Listening to music

Chilled guy napping on comfy couch.

Relaxing with Music: Young Woman with Earphones

Travelers enjoying sunset at the Pier, Kri Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Man looks joyful while relaxing during sunset, steadycam shot, slow motion shot


Evening woman reading novel in cozy bed. Smiling relaxed reader resting home enjoying book before sleep. Focused student studying late.

Woman feeling liberated, steady shot, slow motion (240fps)

Joyful woman relaxing on comfortable sofa by window

Serenity in Nature: Relaxing Outdoors with a Beautiful View

Absorbed girl reading book and studying while sitting on the meadow

Man finish reading book in the cafe and relaxing

Handsome person in blue sweater enjoying sunlight on window sill

happy multiethnic woman lying in hammock in forest and listening to music by headphones, enjoy solitude and relaxing, have fun alone in nature, unity of nature and human


Solo female traveler enjoys leisure river cruise, seated at bow of boat, feeling breeze, surrounded by tropical greenery. Casual hat-wearing

Couple travelers enjoy mountains trip. Campers relax with music. Lovers bond by bonfire. Tourists play guitar. Leisure concept.

Man standing back and looking on the sun, steadycam shot

Woman enjoys peaceful night by the sea, serene and calm


Aerial view of Antarctica with giant blue glacier under dramatic evening sunset sky. Snow covered ice wall formation panorama shot.

Caucasian man relaxing on sofa with headphones

Engaging woman reading in a public setting

Relaxed young person enjoying music in headphones

Happy woman holding blue scarf which is moving on the wind, steadycam shot


Giant snow covered glacier drone view. Blue iceberg floating in frozen polar ocean on a sunny day. Pristine Antarctic landscape

Adult diverse people with childrens gathering around burning bonfire in campsite and frying sausages on skewers in flame sitting under garlands in twilight

Close Up of snow Dripping Off a Roof. Dripping icicles. Spring drops. Slow-motion.

African model enjoying colorful clothes at tropical location by ocean at sunrise. Woman relaxing against exotic scenery with sea view.

Young woman relaxing in a hammock, embracing nature.

Time to slow down - chilling on a bench in a park

Relaxed woman in floral shirt enjoying juice, steadycam shot


Playful Cat Lying on floor next to pet friendly potted plant

Diverse friends enjoying conversation at social gathering, drinking beer bottles and having fun at home. Talking and laughing about friendship memories, relaxing with drinks. Handheld shot.

Person sitting at wood deck relax at peaceful and calm sea and nice sky

Young woman working in a hammock at sunset. Remote work concept.

Girl laughing while watching funny video on tablet in the outdoor cafe

Man sitting on the sandy beach and meditate, steadycam shot

Relaxing by the Pool: Young Woman Enjoying Summer Holidays

Modern Black and Middle Eastern men sitting relaxed on bean bag chairs at backyard drinking beer and talking on summer day


Smiling young woman with headphones using laptop in living room. Young female wearing headset listens music online web free audio at home

Pan around view of bearded male drinking alcohol during self isolation while sitting on sofa in living room filled with fume during party at home


Closeup woman watching evening show. Smiling female resting reading favourite book at home. Pretty peaceful girl enjoying weekend night.