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Hi, my name is Roman and I'm a Producer with 8 videographers, they are interested in many topics on shootings: production, creative people, people's work spaces - all this is reflected in my portfolio

Adventurous hiker scaling mountain at sunset in autumn. American traveler trekking rocky terrain with hiking poles under open sky. Active person enjoys outdoor exploration.

Woman doing yoga at home, meditate on mat with online laptop lesson Spbas. Calm peaceful relaxing female sit in lotus pose and concentrate on breathing. Concept wellbeing, health

"Conversation over Coffee: Close-up of Two People in Apartment Room"

Organizing Wardrobe: Stylish Shirt Hanging in Walk-in Closet

Recording audio podcast. Positive host interviews guest with modern headphones in spacious studio.

closeup spin rotate tablets on pharmaceutical conveyor factory Spbd. test production of pills on laboratory. automated production of vitamin. concept healthcare, development, manufacturing

Businessman or lawyer talking on phone and sitting in front of laptop at table in company spbas. Close-up view of European man reads and discusses agreement on phone, looks at computer screen and sits

Patient trying on aligners and smiling during orthodontic treatment. Close-up view of young female inserting transparent sample.

Professional working with laptop and contemplating in home office. Front view of young man focused on computer screen, deep in thought during work break.

Smart dog touch woman hand by front paws, give hand to owner Avki, good boy. corgi pet training for food. teaching animal commands indoors in living room apartment.

Online education at home: Young student learns shapes with teacher via laptop in children's room

Orthodontist and client at appointment. Dentist applies aligners to young woman's upper jaw in modern hospital office

Professional businessman working from home office, multitasking with laptop and phone

Closeup view of couple enjoying laptop screen, sitting at table in home. Front view of person watching video or web on computer screen and talking with smiles, laughter.

Young couple dancing and having fun in home kitchen. Happy partners enjoy each other's company in a light interior.

Barista man prepares coffee drink. Spbas Guy in cap and uniform apron uses contemporary coffee machine making beverage in semi-dark cafe close view

Doctor examining tool stethoscope. Spbas Blurry African-American woman therapist in coat types on laptop keyboard in hospital office focus on stethoscope on table

Professional male lawyer signing contract in office

Cappuccino coffee cup with pattern. Spbas waiter hold latte drink with milk. Fresh milk foam warm beverage for a morning breakfast in restaurant cafe. Concept art. Hold mug

Young woman shopping for fresh greens in an organic store during travel. Customer selects leafy vegetables for healthy nutrition. Lady makes a purchase.

Two professionals signing agreement and smiling, working in office setting. Diverse individuals make deal, sign document, and sit at desk with statue.

Woman training corgi dog on golden sky background while traveling. Closeup view of young female training and bonding with her beloved pet on a sea beach.

Closeup view of young man listening to music and climbing stairs in the city. Back view of guy enjoying audio content and using wireless device, walking outdoors.

American man working in modern office

Happy couple sharing love and joy in the kitchen, embracing and enjoying life together

Medical Care: Young Internist Taking Notes in Hospital Office

Young professional using smartphone and smiling, working at home office. Closeup of bearded man holding phone, typing message.

Child and mother make homework with tablet Spbd. Woman help support boy, kid write school task, study online. Smiling positive parent and child together learn, talk in living room. Concept education

Young man listening to podcast and walking along city street with phone in hands. African American guy holds smartphone and looks at screen, enjoys music and walks in modern town in summer

Car purchase in dealership. Spbd Skilled salesman with clipboard shows modern cars to African-American man customer in spacious dealership on sunny day

Bearded businessman on phone, working at table with laptop at home or office. Entrepreneur has mobile call and looks at computer screen.

spa healthcare at home. Spbd African-American lady ties belt of white terry bathrobe standing by window in light room close view

Showroom car with salesman telling african man client about auto contract Spbd. Agent explain loan, talk about choosing vehicle in dealership salon. Advisor discuss automotive with yound black buyer

Young professional working with contract and writing, sitting at table with laptop in company. Front view of man reads document and writes in notebook, does legal job and sits at

Phang Nga Bay Viewpoint in Thailand: Steadicam Shot of Natural Paradise with Islands and Mangrove. Phuket, Asia. Beautiful Sunny Day and Green Rainforest.

Food industry concept coffee beans roasting inside equipment in factory or coffee shop spbas. 4k Closeup view of organic Arabica seeds dried and roasted, rotated and steamed inside metal container in

Bali, Indonesia - March, 2019: Person selecting food items in a grocery store. Shopping for groceries in a supermarket.

Car dealership, african couple enter showroom service of rental leasing auto for sale. Spbd man and woman walk together into car dealership through sliding glass doors. Concept entrance, manager

Happy couple talking and cuddling in a white bedroom. Enjoying conversation and quality time together in a modern apartment.

Pregnant woman exercising on ball in apartment during quarantine. Young female trains actively, stretches body, raises arms, rests feet in light room. American

Young person enjoying music and using phone while walking in the city. Closeup of individual listening to podcast and holding smartphone, looking at screen and walking along.

Dog Training: Sit, Lie Down, and Obedience Exercises on the Beach

Orthodontist fitting aligners on patient at clinic. Close-up of professional working with transparent sample on teeth.

Woman putting clothes in box and having good time in wardrobe room indoors spbd. Closeup view of American African female takes clothing from rack and puts them in donation container, stands in

Closeup of Barista Holding Hot Milk in Cafeteria

Mother nurturing her adorable child on the couch in their apartment. Closeup of a young woman lovingly breastfeeding her baby, sharing tender moments and smiles, in a cozy living space.

Closeup view of man taking coffee grains in hands and working in modern factory spbas. 4k Worker scoops brown Arabica or Robusta seeds and touches them, does routine work and stands in workshop

Close-up of Businessman Discussing with Colleague at Office Desk. Caucasian Man Negotiating Contract Terms with Client, Smiling