5460 Clips

Frightened people in a bomb shelter


Old rusty abandoned car outside

Man milking a cow in the barn

A serene park brimming with beautiful trees and autumn leaves


Woman checking and smelling her bad breath

Man petting a cow on sunset


Trempel with outfits in a clothing store for dogs and cats


Elderly man looks forward in the sky

Rush Hour at the city

Doctor making injection of botox in lips

Big cloud covers the sky

Thief breaks a window in a house

Elderly woman looking at skin on the face


Face of old woman under a magnifying


Portrait of elderly man with long beard and

Woman at the Oceanarium

Elderly woman drinking red juice

Cheerful girlfriends on nature

View Of Ocean And Horizon

Fluffy Ear of a Small Dog


Drunk driver drives through the city at night

Green Meadow at Sunset

Mint plant under water

Ballerina spinning around on the stage

Heap of dirty dishes on the kitchen

Happy couple resting on nature

Lemurs in the cage

Businessman using digital tablet at the office

Faded bouquet of pink roses

Yellow rose opening time lapse

Broiler chickens in a cage

Birthmark on the body

Two cheerful elderly ladies running at the park


Woman checking and smelling her bad breath


Scared dogs brown eyes looking at the camera

Aphid on a green leaf

Woman receive flowers with message

Lower face of a elderly woman with wrinkled skin

Woman walking at the beach

Purple and white crocuses of saffron blooming

Smiling man in glasses show ok sign

Footprints at the Snow

Hand of old woman with coins in a hand


Dog is dried with a hairdryer after bathing

Elderly happy woman lying on the grass

People Jumping at Sunset

Woman wakes up from the alarm clock

Little girl walking to school holding hands of her parents