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Hi, my name is Den. I am a professional photographer, videographer and filmmaker. My work experience is 20 years. I have a higher education in the field of film and television. I get great pleasure from my work.

Aerial panoramic cityscape view of coastal town at Turkey. Summer vacation concept.

Sun shining over mountain peak. Blue sky in the background.

Summer park trees during a good sunny day. Landscape of greens.

Male hands peeling pomegranate at kitchen close up. Plate with red ripe pomegranate seeds on table.

Hands of woman, dog grooming. Groomer with scissors cutting fur.

Light purple hydrangeas close up. Flowers in summer.

Scenic Mountain Retreat with Lush Pine Surroundings

Old grandfather pluck a pear tree. Farmer breaks the pears. Fruit harvest. Wrinkled hand.

Close up view of pink flowering azalea bouquet outdoors. Azalea in spring.

Close up of big crawling turtle with a hard shell at the zoo. Tropical reptile specie.

Housewife cut apples for fresh juice. Useful food. Dietary breakfast.

Old forest in the mountain.

Pile of red ripe pomegranate fruits at market stall. Heap of fresh fruits at street market on a sunny day.

Palette of eyeshadow. Make-up artist doing make-up.

Rows of Young Olive Trees Growing on Plantation

Different pattern bras. Colorful lingerie on white shelf. Bright stylish female underwear. Showcase with new lingerie.

Doberman pinscher dog is draging a toy and bringing it to a master. Dog is bringing a toy in slow motion.

Tombstones and graves at ancient Muslim graveyard.

White hydrangeas and sunlight. Flower bush close up.

Potatoes for landing. Harvest potatoes in wooden boxes. Potatoes storage.

Top view of Slowly moving cargo train on railways.

Hand with comb brushing hair. Female hair, close up. How to make hair thick.

Beets lay on the ground. Gathering beets. Farmers harvest.

Peacock walking on the lawn. Blue peacock pecks the grass.

Scenic Park View: Serene Summer Day with Lush Trees

Colorful Parrots Perched Together on Tree Branch: Exotic Wildlife at the Zoo

Close up of pink flowering Rhododendron. Azalea flowers in spring. Nature background.

Kiev, Ukraine - 27. 07. 2016. Vibratory compactors on road. Repairing of interstate roads. Finish all work in time.

Close-up of a pine tree branch. Pitch Pine trees with fresh and green pine cones and green pine needles.

Espresso machine and shot glass. Fresh coffee with foam.

Mature business man shows positive gesture and laughs, green background for keying.

Senior man doing exercise. Smiling male outdoor. Stay healthy and strong. Gymnastics in summertime.

Freshly Squeezed Pomegranate Juice: Small Glasses with Seeds. Barman Preparing Cocktail Close Up. Outdoor Restaurant Banquet Service.

Tranquil park with scenic pathway and trees. Serene forest landscape. Moving forward on the walkway.

Town of Kas surrounded by sea bay and mountains. Aerial view from above. Travel to Turkey.

Adorable Maltese: Close-up of a Toy Group Breed

Wheat falling on heap. Yellow harvest flowing down, close up.

Grapefruit juice squeezed into lemonade. Jug of cold refreshing lemonade.

Close up of big red bell peppers ready to harvest. Bell pepper plants close up. Healthy organic product growing at home.

Orchid flowers blooming in the greenhouse. Tropical plants in botanical garden. Nature background.

Freight trains at a station. Aerial view of freight trains.

Peafowl showing its tail. Colorful bird outdoors. Peacocks and natural selection.

Hands washing tomatoes in basin. Water flows on red tomatoes. Fresh vegetarian food. Ingredient for special sauce.

Tractor agriculture farming. Close up riding tractor.

Thai palm massage. Close up therapist massaging hand outdoors. Reflexology massage concept.

Lush Garden: Vibrant Greens and Serene Rocks

Beautiful African Gray Parrot perched on a large metal cage. Psittacus Erithacus with vibrant red tail.

Light purple flowers close up. Hydrangea buds and sunlight. Biology of plants.