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Flying over Mannheim Germany with its tall landmarks in view

Slight parallax of Denver's skyline with Rocky mountains backdrop

Flying over the chessboard city of Mannheim Germany

Panning left along the city of Mannheim Germany

Flying toward the Jesuit Church in Mannheim Germany

The historic neighborhood near Talmadge Memorial Bridge

Aerial shot of Springfield Vermont in late fall

Aerial rise above the city of Mannheim Germany

Flying over the outskirts of downtown Raleigh NC

Approaching Dusseldorf Germany along Rhine River

Flying over downtown Charleston near Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Flying Towards Downtown Atlanta

Aerial shot of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis

St. Lucia's mountainous terrain and its Twin Pitons

Flying over the tiny town of Springfield Vermont

St. Louis skyline and gateway arch on the banks of Mississippi river

Tampa skyline and surrounding commercial properties

Accra Financial Center in Ghana

Flying over the Boise River toward downtown Boise

Flying toward Atlanta Georgia's skyline

The populous city of Accra Ghana

High rise buildings of downtown Tampa at its waterfront

Dusk along Rhine River in Dusseldorf Germany

A depressed woman braces herself against the bathroom mirror

Slow rise over Ghent Tower row in Belgium

Cattle roam in the Badlands of South Dakota

Flying over Capitol Boulevard in downtown Boise Idaho

Aerial view of Topkapi Palace Musuem and Bosphorus Strait

Savannah’s historic neighborhood near Savannah River

Panning left across Istanbul's Blue Mosque and its hilltop view

Bathing leopard's limbs hangs over tree limb

Top down flyover of massive crowd of people at BLM protest

The beautiful landscape of green fields and majestic mountains in CO

Aerial of Yale University and downtown New Haven

A blurred safari jeep slowly comes into focus

Aerial of University of Tampa along Hillsborough River

Island off the coast of Bermuda

Flying over suburban Wichita in Kansas

Early morning on Daniel Island in South Carolina

Aerial of stunning lake amidst autumn forest

Flying around the Neuschwanstein Castle in its picturesque setting

Historical museums and Stifskirche abut Schlossplatz in Stuttgart

The beauty and majesty of Sedona's Red Rock canyons

Pedestal Up Shot of Hydrangea Paniculata Siebold Phantom Flowers in Bloom

Aerial of the meticulous layout of Bath UK

Aerial of the Atlanta Skyline at Sunset

Flying Towards Caves and Cliffs in Milos on the Aegean Sea Cyclades Islands

Daytime aerial rotation of PNC Plaza in downtown Raleigh