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As an Emmy award nominated filmmaker, emotions and real life are often the focus of Jaime’s storytelling. Using light, color, motion, focus, and composition to capture a specific feeling that often translates into a documentary style reality. Jaime's work is artistic and provocative while continuing to evolve and expand a creative palate while traveling around the world capturing the lives of others. Current focus is in producing 4K clips of model release content that will be available for license through Videoblocks. www.jaimebyrd.com

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE - CIRCA MAY 2016 - A family of four young girls walk down the street during the day - steadicam shot in slow motion.

Miniature candy, Mexican food, and sugar sweets used as offerings for Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro Mexico

Portrait of a bearded man letting out a giant sigh expressing relief

CUCUCHUCHO, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - Happy smiling man remembering his ancestral family with his wife during Day of the Dead

Tilt up of a typical grave with fruit offerings, marigold flower petals and candles during day of the dead in Mexico

An assortment of different sizes of sugar skulls stabilized shot for Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro Mexico

TZURUMUTARO, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - Old Mexican man in a cowboy hat lighting candles at an alter at a graveyard during day of the dead

Happy smiling elderly senior black woman in her 50s or 60s using her smart phone at home

Man wearing a personal floatation device paddling from the front of a canoe in a calm pristine mountain lake or river in slow motion on a beautiful day

PATZCUARO, MEXICO - CIRCA FEBRUARY 2020 - Grocery store employee wearing a protective face mask while people are buying food during the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic

Male doctor using a stethoscope on a female patient to listen to her lungs during a medical exam check up

A bunch of wooden shacks in a small impoverished community in Mexico

TZURUMUTARO, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - Katrina figurine, photo of a deceased woman, and candles at a grave during day of the dead

Spooky eerie stormy bare winter trees time lapse with clouds during sunset turning sky dark to night

Portrait of a bearded man forcing a smile by using his hands

Muddy water flowing down stream against a parked car and tire after a heavy rain storm causing flash flooding

Hispanic mother helping her teenage daughter with her homework on her laptop computer in their home

Candies and chocolate skulls and treats for Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro Mexico

Close up portrait of a young hipster man with a full beard with a crazy laugh. He might be a bit insane, or off his rocker. A real life emoticon in an outdoor setting with natural lighting and a unique expression.

TZURUMUTARO, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - Multi generational Mexican family standing in front of a day of the dead shrine in a busy graveyard

Millennial woman in early 30s shaking her head no and looking displeased with something

Frustrated, mad, senior black woman in her 50s or 60s talking on her mobile phone displeased at the annoying caller on the other end

PATZCUARO, MEXICO - CIRCA AUGUST 2018 - Cars driving through flooded streets flowing with muddy water after heavy torrential rains

A happy senior couple hugs and smiles at the camera at an outdoor cafe. They are a baby boomer couple in love.

Three students all understand a science or math lesson from their teacher during a tutoring session in a classroom

CUCUCHUCHO, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - Young Mexican girls sitting around a small fire at a graveyard decorated in candles during the traditional celebration of Day of the Dead

CUCUCHUCHO, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - Old indigenous woman celebrating Day of the Dead at a graveyard alter at night wrapped in a blanket near Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Portrait of a bearded man quietly being pissed off, angry, or mad

A mature healthy senior man laughing and smiling outside. This baby boomer has a gray beard and white hair.

Close up of man scrolling through information and photos on his black smart phone

Hand held push in shot of a praying middle aged man in a red shirt with hands intertwined together standing on the beach asking for forgiveness in a beautiful tropical setting.

Patient comparing health data on her phone with the medical records on her healthcare providers digital tablet and doctor's smartphone

An attractive mixed racial young couple in love embrace, smile, and kiss against an orange wall showing affection and love for one another.

Unhappy elderly senior black woman in her 50s or 60s talking on her mobile phone shaking her head no as if she is getting bad news

Detectives forensics and police walking behind a police line do not cross crime scene

Attractive young man with short facial hair smiling, showing his teeth and looking at the camera outside wearing a light fall jacket

A millennial man bike mechanic assembles a mountain bike in his workshop - dolly

Group of boys and girls eating fast food, chicken nuggets, french fries, and junk food together in a restaurant

Man lying down on a bed or sofa petting a gray and white domestic shorthaired cat that walks directly towards the camera in slow motion

PATZCUARO, MEXICO - APRIL 3, 2015 - Elderly Hispanic woman wearing black walking with red candle holders in a parade during the Silent Procession during Easter's Holy Week celebration

Exhausted tired millennial businessman in his early 30s yawning and wiping his eyes

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - CIRCA MARCH 2018 - People eating at a restaurant at sunset with a musician playing a guitar for them on the beach under a shaded palapa

Happy smiling Hispanic mother and teen daughter take selfies and look at the photos on their cell phone

A middle aged man peels a hard boiled egg while working beside an elder man in a home kitchen - pan up

Older attractive black woman over 50 filling out a diabetes management health form about her medical history - tilt up

Portrait of a bearded man saying look at me, I'm smiling with an open mouth

A middle aged man looks up for help from above. His eyes seek answers from god, or perhaps a person who is holding him captive.

Close up of a male doctor wearing a white lab coat using both hands to comfort a female patient in slow motion