3780 Clips

Doctor is injecting a coronavirus vaccine into a syringe, close-up

Angry boss or business man punches the table, close up. Concept of violence and aggression and abuse of power

Sick man in medical m

Man holding a bag full of money. Concept of greed, win and wealth

X-ray of the diseased shoulder joint. X-ray of a diseased shoulder joint. The doctor is studying the picture

Running eyes of a liar or a worried person, close-up

Diagram of the dynamics of cost bitcoin in time

Google Search - search for information on the mining of bitcoins

young man making decision on the background of a board. The concept of creativity and erudition

X-ray of damaged joints in hands or MRI

A young man clutching his lower back because of pain, close-up

Close up of a man praying at sunset

Hand slicing kiwi into slices on a cutting board

Online shopping. Buyer picks technique in the online electronic marketplace

Eyes of a good old woman close up

Serious young man standing on a bridge

Running eyes of a liar or a worried person, close-up

Close-up of a doctor examining a patients lung x-ray

Sad young guy standing by the fence by the river and looking into the distance

A man with a damaged knee joint

A young guy drinking lemonade in a cafe on the street

Poor man counting expenses and showing an empty wallet

Grandson holding and kissing his grandmother's hands. The concept of support and reverence for old age

A handful of earth with a young plant in hands. The concept of caring for the environment, protection, ecology

Sports supplements. The athlete prepares a portion of creatine or amino acids for consumption

Sad young guy standing by the fence by the river and looking into the distance

A man with symptoms of suffocation and coughing lies on the sofa. Symptoms of coronavirus infection

Young man thinking on a chalk-chalked background on a blackboard. The concept of mind and intellect

A caste of hereditary beggars. Portrait of an old homeless man close up

A man cuts fresh crisp bread or roll, close-up

Applicant answering multiple choice test questions close up

An elderly woman in a protective mask looks out the window. Quarantine and home isolation

Portrait of amazed shocked guy watching tv at night

A scene of infidelity in a relationship. Girl and lover leaving the car

grandson holds grandmother's hands

man pouring fish oil capsules to hand, close-up

Middle-aged woman concerned by hair loss

The guy smiling and looking at the sky

Prostate cancer and prostatitis concept. Lots of medication and blue ribbon on white background

The teacher insanely screams at the students at the blackboard

Happy young successful man with money in his hands in dollars rejoices. Emotions of delight and happiness

Man measuring pulse by hand with fingers at the base of the hand, close-up

Close up of many blue jeans hanging on a rail

Magnetic resonance imaging. stones in the kidneys. Close up

Google Search Engine - Word Search Depression

MRI or x-ray of the patient's knee with a meniscus injury

X-ray of the diseased shoulder joint

Piano played by a musician