3300 Clips Ukraine

Man holding a bag full of money. Concept of greed, win and wealth

Sick man in medical m

Hands holding, praying on open Bible book. Hands of an old woman on an open book. The concept of reflection and meditation

Insomnia. A man lying in bed and can not sleep

Praying man at sunset, close up

A tear flows down the cheek of a young guy, slow motion, close-up

Serious guy thinking about something while standing on the balcony at sunset

Angry man breaking pencil. Angry and frustrated businessman

Angry boss or business man punches the table, close up. Concept of violence and aggression and abuse of power

Man turning pages of a book close up

The concept of help and empathy. The Hand of Salvation

Poor guy counting up small metal money on the table

Empty rural classroom with writing desks and chairs

A butterfly sits on a woman's palm at sunset. concept of trust, freedom and ease

Surprised and shocked man taking off his glasses and looking at the smartphone screen

Young man putting on a medical mask on the street

Unhappy man crying in a dark room

A frustrated poor man throwing a purse and small money on the table

Diabetic man measures blood sugar level at home

Volunteer putting food in a donation box. Charity and donations

The guy trying to find the answer to the question. decision search process

A young man sits by the river at sunset and looking thoughtfully into the distance

wrinkled hands of an old woman. concept of old age and longevity

A tear flows down the cheek of an old woman, close-up. Grandma is crying, close-up

An elderly woman measures the blood sugar level with a device. High blood sugar on the device screen

Portrait of a serious bearded man thinking of something

Coronavirus epidemic. Doctor holds a globe with the word Coronavirus as a symbol of mass destruction

depressed and very upset young man in the car. problems in business or personal life

Senior old woman young man hold hand wrinkle skin close up

The guy tells a friend in a whisper in his ear. Rumors and gossip concept

An old woman prays with her hands on the bible, close-up

Doctor is injecting a coronavirus vaccine into a syringe, close-up

Unwell young man with flu symptoms lying in bed at home

Volunteer putting food in a donation box, close up.Charity and donations

an elderly woman is crying. An old woman's eye full of tears

A fat woman eyeing a belly in the mirror. Cellulite on the stomach

Frightened and stunned man watching a movie in the dark

The young man is focused on solving the problem

Lonely old woman looking out the window. Loneliness in old age

Close-up of a scientist using microscope in a laboratory, close up

Playing video game theme. The guy plays video games holding the joystick

Extending a helping hand. Salvation and assistance to the needy. Concept

Filling out Answers on a Multiple Choice Test

Male hands holding an empty purse in hands, close-up

Pandemic portrait of a young guy in a mask at sunset, close-up

A man looking with hope into the sky

Hands of an elderly poor woman open an empty wallet, close-up

Sick man in medical mask looking out the window. Coronavirus home isolation

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