4181 Clips

With a career during few years in TV production, our team worked on a variety of programmes (from news, documentaries and short movies to music videos and commercials). Our goal always was to create a quality video content.

An unknown star constellation

Boys gathering hay - slo mo

Old covered wagon with a horse at golden hour

Lavender Field - Zoom In

A field of poppies and the rays of the sun

A medieval castle in Transylvania - night

Switzerland Mountain 7

Christ walking in a poppy field - solar flare

White hamster washing after meal

Pathway in the forest with sunlight backgrounds.

White stork flying

Vibrant Poppy Field

Old church organ - keyboard

Close up of hands lighting a match.

Roman soldier takes a torture whip - dolly shot

Transylvanian Castle in a stormy night

A variety of processed cold meat products, on a wooden cutting board.

Crown of Jesus with blood dripping - dolly shot

Old wild covered wagon drawn by a horse

Playing piano music. Girl practicing on classical instrument. Close-up.

Lavender Field - Dolly Shot

Song thrush perched on a branch - MS

Wild boar in the swamp - CU

Ladybird on green grass

Reformed Church inside Aiud Citadel

Jesus meditate alone by the river Jordan at evening

The Three Kings With Their Gifts - LS

Green oak leaves against bright sun - CU

Wooden Church Tower 02

Amazing sunny morning at deep highland evergreen forest of Carpathian mountains. Wide angle view.

Old tree with sunlight among the branches

Bucharest, Romania. Morning.

Christmas Angel figurine - fog

Christ meditating in a field of poppies at sunset - back view

Roman soldier takes a torture whip

Woodpecker hitting tree with beak in city.

Landscape with waterline in the Danube Delta area, Romania. Danube delta is the second largest river delta in Europe.

Song thrush on a branch - CU

Crown of thorns with sky and sun - pan shot

Sunrays and mountains

Trip in a luxury car - bokeh

Romanian panoramic mountainscape.

Romanian Orthodox Church - interior

Water Treatment 10

Macin Mountains in Romania at sunset

Jesus walking slowly on a muddy road - front view

Christ meditating in a field of poppies at sunset - side view

Farmer plowing a field with two horses. Black and white. Transylvania (central part of Romania) circa 1940.