1772 Clips Belarus

The business team holds a meet up at a large table in the office. Office fuss. Creative office interior. Coworking startup team. Office workers

Hair dresser press the bottle with conditioner and squeezes it on her hand in hair saloon. Hair care procedure in barbershop. Slow motion.

Father and son run to the sunset. The father raises the child in his arms and throws up

Happy children spinning on the carousel with their hands up. Slow Motion

The team leader conducts a presentation on a flipchart and describes business processes. Employees sit at a large table. Office life in the background. Coworking

Lovely hipster woman touch something using modern virtual reality glasses. Female in neon lights. Slow mo

Soldiers marching in a line on a paved road

A construction worker is setting a brick on a lay of cement solution to build a fireplace. Closeup view on a brickwork

woman is making purchases in store. Female hands are driving a shopping trolley in hardware store

Managers dance on the table, sing in a megaphone. Employees enjoy success and victory. Corporate party business team. Office celebration. Modern trendy interior. Coworking

Young woman with a cart chooses fruit in a store

Hairdresser cuts the ends of long blonde female hair with professional scissors in hair salon. Closeup. Slow mo

Two woman friends sharing coffee using laptop in cafe. Shot Through Window

Male friends are talking to each other and discussing something. A group of men taks

Dad and his son are running to the sunset. The father throws up and spins the happy child

Closeup view on woman in a store with a shopping trolley. Hands are on a shopping cart. Woman is making shopping

Young businessman funny dancing in the office. Colleagues sit at the tables and dance while sitting. Creative office space in the loft style. Office life. Workers celebrate. Coworking

A professional construction worker is building a brick wall with red bricks and cemen solution. Closeup virew on a man aligns the level of bricks on a site

Hairdresser is brushing woman's long coloured hair in hair salon with hair dryer and hairbrush. Woman with wet clean hair dries hair. Closeup, profile footage. Slow mo.

Hipster woman with backpack in hardware store is buying furniture. Female is making purchases in the shop

Magnificent winter forest in the snow. Bird's eye view. Frozen spruce and pine. Drone takes off from the bottom up above the trees

Woman uses smart phone in cafe. Close-up hands. Dolly shot

Female paying through smart phone using NFC technology. Hands close up view

A young loving couple is sitting on a sandy beach near the sea at sunset. Girl strokes and hugs a man. Love, vacation. Honeymoon

Closeup view on elderly woman uses apps in smartphone. Grandmother is holding modern mobile phone in wrinkled hands

A woman in a supermarket, choosing frozen vegetables from the refrigerator

Closeup view on adult woman is sitting in cafe and drinking coffee. Adult intelligent lady in cafe takes a cup with coffee with both hands

Driving car in the rain with the wipers on

A business team is discussing a project at a large office table. Creative office interior. Coworking. Office workers

A business team cheerfully dances while standing on a table in an office, colleagues drop documents, congratulate each other and celebrate success. Celebration. Startup developers. Corporate

Mom helps his son put on a helmet to safely ride a bike in the city park

Woman chooses shampoo in the supermarket

Beautiful woman with long blond hair is sitting in hair salon while hairdresser is colouring her hair above the sink. Hairdresser in professional gloves in working process. Close-up. Slow mo.

A tired businessman is sitting in the car with his head on the steering wheel, then he slap himself on the cheeks, takes the briefcase and gets out of the car.

Travel adventure in Gran Canaria. Lonely tourist with backpack is walking through the desert to the ocean and exploring dunes. Beautiful landscape of desert with the ocean.

An attractive woman is looking in the online store for a new electronic device using a laptop

Aerial view on a line of human footprints on sand dunes in a desert. Beautiful woman in light pink dress is laying on a sand in a hot desert in sunset light. Gran Canaria

Female softly takes beauty cream with fingers from black jar. Closeup

Desert landscape, wonderful sand dunes in sunset light. Aerial: horizon with an oringe desert and blue ocean. Gran Canaria

Woman traveler opens the map on the table and looks for a way to travel. Top view. Hands close up view

Young woman chooses fruits bananas in the big store

Brickwork process with hands. A construction worker is laying bricks one on top of another

Aerial view on blue family car rides on a path among green coniferous forest. Family trip to countryside

Top view of cars driving on zig zag meandering road through rocky terrain on mountain slope. Aerial. Gran Canaria

Beautiful elderly woman is sitting in restaurant and eats pizza. Female cuts the pizza into pieces in cafe

A young business woman enters the office and walks to the table where her colleagues are waiting. She welcomes the staff. Creative office interior. Coworking startup team. Office workers

Businesspeople sitting at the boardroom and discussing business-plan. Business partners are actively gesticulate during the business meeting

The business team holds a meet up at a large table in the office. Creative office interior. Coworking startup team. Office workers

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