34 After Effects Templates to Drive Views on YouTube

Get more views and subscribers with a uniform YouTube intro on all of your videos. We know our members crave After Effects Templates that can take their views to the next level. One great thing about After Effects templates are the reliability and familiarity they can create with an audience. They can create a strong relationship with viewers while designing a polished product. From displaying a range of products to providing a branded intro for your YouTube videos, After Effects templates are the perfect way to garner attention. High profile corporations to homegrown businesses can use our YouTube intro templates from the Member Library as an easy way to make YouTube videos sparkle and shine.


Intro templates provide the perfect base for creating familiarity with an audience. They produce immediate eye-catching interest that pulls viewers easily from one video to the next with matched beginnings. We’ve curated a small collection of some of our favorite After Effects Intros below—and don’t forget to download the perfect YouTube intro music from our audio library.

1. Modern Glitch Titles

Download this Modern Glitch Titles After Effects template.

2. Minimal Titles

Download this Minimal Titles After Effects template.

3. Fashionable Intro

Download this Fashionable Intro After Effects template.

4. After Effects CS5 Template: Journey Intro

Download this Journey Intro After Effects template from our library.


Incorporating logos into YouTube videos is not something to take lightly—logos are essential if you’re using your YouTube channel to create a brand. Whether you’re leveraging a company, product, or your own personal brand, animated logos can give your videos the polish and creative consistency you need to prove you mean business.

5. Clean Logo Reveal Champ

Download this Clean Logo After Effects template.

6. Clean Intro Logo Reveal

Download this Clean Intro After Effects template.

7. After Effects CS4 Template: Vivid Logo Reveal

Download this Vivid Logo Reveal After Effects template from our library.

8. After Effects CS4 Template: Spiral Logo

Download this Spiral Logo After Effects template from our Membership Library.

9. After Effects CS4 Template: Photos Logo

Download this Photos Logo After Effects template from our Membership Library.

Infographics and Data

Searching for an infographic After Effects template to spice up some data in your YouTube video? Look no further! These templates can help break up the numbers and analytics with head-turning graphics that keep the information exciting.

10. 30 Line Infographic Elements

Download this 30 Line Infographic Elements After Effects template.

11. AE Template: Charts Graphs and Graphics

Download this Charts Graphs and Graphics After Effects template from our Membership Library.

12. AE Template: Endless Pie Charts

Download this Endless Pie Charts After Effects template from our Membership Library.

13. AE Template: Progress and Growth

Download this Progress and Growth After Effects template from our Membership Library.

14. 25 Business Infographic Elements

Download this 25 Business Infographic Elements After Effects template.


Use one of our After Effects templates to show off your content in a quick, elegant way. These slideshows will put what you need to be seen front and center with ease—which is important when creating videos for a short-form platform like YouTube. While there are many longer tutorials and in-depth videocasts for channels that focus on highly specialized topics, the average YouTube video runs for less than five minutes. That’s only 300 seconds! Make the most of your screen time by showing products, stages of a project, or other important photos quickly with these slideshows.

15. AE CS4 Template: Photowall

Download this Photowall After Effects template from our Membership Library.

16. After Effects CS4 Template: Classy Photo Album

Download this Classy Photo Album After Effects template from our library.

17. Summer Slideshow

Download this Summer Slideshow After Effects template.

18. Photo Elegance

Download this Photo Elegance After Effects template.

Don’t miss out on the rest—check out all of our YouTube intros After Effects templates, and start racking up those views! Next, check out the YouTube Intros and Outros Collection on Storyblocks Audio for the perfect audio pairing or explore our guide on starting a successful YouTube channel.