Stock footage for production companies

Storyblocks Enterprise empowers production companies and networks of all sizes to create long-form series and documentaries better and faster.

Before Storyblocks

The constant worry of "Does this license cover me?" is always on your mind. Between the time spent finding, vetting, and documenting what stock footage to use, you’re not able to truly realize your vision and get to what you do best - create amazing content.

After Storyblocks

With Storyblocks Enterprise, your teams get access to unlimited downloads at an affordable fixed price. Production teams effortlessly create and iterate with ease. Rights and clearances teams seamlessly manage workflows. Distribution teams easily monetize content. Make each of your team's lives easier with our wide library of stock video, After Effects templates, stock audio, and stock images.

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How Storyblocks saves your team time and money

Unlimited means unlimited.

Your team can download as much content as you need from our expansive stock video, stock audio, and stock image libraries, all for one fixed cost.

Your projects, your way.

With pre-approved and pre-paid stock, your editors won’t waste time getting approval for licensing or budgets when purchasing individual pieces. The Shared Folders feature allows you to organize projects for smooth collaboration and easy approval. And, no watermarks means once content is in your timeline, it can stay there.

Licensing made easy.

Storyblocks Enterprise covers you no matter when or where your creations are distributed. Plus, our dedicated Account Managers are available to help if you need any additional paperwork or bill subscription fees back to clients.

Our customers love what we do

"Storyblocks has been a brilliant asset to the Host Broadcast production of the Formula E. Their general views of cityscapes are fantastic, meaning we can get up-to-date aerials of the cities we work in without having to send a bespoke helicopter up. The prices are very competitive and our teams find the site very easy to use. A fantastic product - we won’t look elsewhere for archive."
Lara Bishop, Head of Production
Formula-E TV

Worry-free licensing for your business

With a license written to your business and the ability to generate project-based licenses when needed, you've got the rights and coverage you need to feel good about using stock. Our Individual license provides worldwide rights in perpetuity, and offers your business up to $1M in indemnification. Whatever you create and wherever you distribute, you're covered.

Easy-to-use tools

Administrative account to vet and approve content
Shared, collaborative folders
Direct download to the cloud or your digital asset manager
Simple team management

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