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"zoom out"
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Camera lens close up shot. Zoom in, zoom out

Extreme Earth Zoom-out

Zoom Out on Earth Animation


Multiethnic team having meeting in office, viewed from behind colleagues on foreground, camera zoom in and zoom out. Employees discussing company statistics. Concept of business

Zoom Out Luxor Timelapse

Zoom Out Hollywood Sign

Zoom Out Sunset Strip Timelapse

Zoom Out Title

Human eyeball zoom-out with alpha matte.


Time lapse of a concrete building under construction. Zoom out.

Zoom Out Marilyn Monroe Statue

Zoom out attic window abandoned asylum administration building

Zoom Out Hollywood Sign Aerial


Top view, zoom out on number 8 black ball twisting in center of triangle form pyramid of 15 colorful pool balls on red felt bright background under direct light during weekend game, local competition

Zoom Out on Beautiful Nevada Desert Highway Landscape

Zooming out from the sun, revealing an animated diagram of all the planets of the solar system, each orbiting on their own outlined path.

Zoom Out on Pentagon

Zoom Out Iwo Jima Statue


Kid playing online game on tablet at night, camera zoom out. Little girl browsing internet in the dark, light from screen on her face. Gadget addiction. Concept of technology

Zoom out view of adult male thinking then continuing to paint creative portrait on easel in spacious dark workshop

Zoom Out NYC Chrysler Building Aerial

Group yoga. Zoom out portrait of peaceful diverse people meditating together early in morning, sitting in lotus position

Zoom out shot of a female astronaut looking out of porthole of a spaceship

Beginning with a spinning earth in space, then zooming out to reveal the moon, the sun, and then the entire spinning Milky Way galaxy.

Zoom Out Sunset On Beach

White Collar Crime Zoom Out From Hands On Prison Bars

White Sky Zoom Out To Sunny Clear Sky With Effects

Zoom out shot of American flags blowing in the wind in front of the Washington Monument

Zoom Out Slow motion,Cozy Modern Living Room Interior

Zoom Out Shot Monument Valley Utah

Zoom Out Railroad Tracks

A view of the solar system, starting with a focus on planet Earth, then zooming out to reveal the sun and the other planets, all orbiting on their own outlined path.

Zoom out portrait of happy proud woman designer posing at her workshop, feeling happy of her startup business

Zoom out of young businessman explaining presentation projected on whiteboard to multiethnic colleagues at office meeting

Zoom Out Famous Iwo Jima Statue

Beginning with a close up of a ladybug on the pavement, then zooming out to reveal the entire earth, sun, and a spinning Milky Way galaxy.

Zoom out time lapse footage of people at the famous Jalan Alor hawkers street food, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Zoom out portrait of positive confident middle aged man teacher in eyeglasses posing with folded arms at home office

Zoom out view of unrecognizable people in spacesuits standing on dry ground and admiring mountain range on Mars

Zoom out view of people applauding to sad male with mental problem during meeting of support group

Zoom out view of many artificial satellites connected with white lines forming global network over Earth in space

Zoom out view of mature man in suit gesticulating and talking with audience about charts on LED screen during business conference

Zoom-out macro shot of beautiful panicles of lilac flowers with bright green leaves at dark studio background

Zoom out view of unrecognizable man in mask turning to desk and starting to hack database on computers in dark room

Zoom out view of scared little girl with teddy bear shouting in despair while standing in burning hallway

Broadway Nashville Tennessee Nightlife Time Lapse Zoom Out. Long exposure time lapse shot of famous Broadway entertainment district of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Zoom out.

Zoom Out Aspen Mountains

Zoom out view of professional male artist standing on ladder and creating pop art portrait in spacious dark workshop