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close icon cancel sign symbol animation with Alpha Channel.

The girl frowns and then frowns telling her to stop or deny something bad to do.

Man showing dislike gesture with fingers isolated on blue neon background. Male person holding hand shadow silhouette close-up, thumb down.


Tilt footage of Caucasian guy sitting in bed at night looking through photos of his ex girlfriend of friends and regretting his wrong decisions in past

Unhappy Caucasian boy crossing hands shaking head no looking at camera. Portrait of dissatisfied sad kid posing at yellow background. Rejection and disapproval concept.

Businessman upset about bad results in documents

Asian man in glasses shows thumbs down in disapproval

Bearded African American man crosses arms warning to stop

Charming child's refusal gesture in portrait at yellow background

Wrong Way Sign Background


Front view portrait shot of young white man show unpleasant unhappy emotions, looking straight at camera, sad disappointing despair man, with evening city night light, unexceptable got rejected refuse

African American Expressing Disapproval by Pointing Finger Towards Camera

Closeup focused business woman reading documents at home office. Disappointed female professional finding wrong data in papers. Upset businesswoman comparing results in financial statistics indoors.

Frustrated woman deals with malfunctioning computer

Man showing dislike gesture with fingers isolated on pink neon background. Male person holding hand shadow silhouette close-up, thumb down.

Indian man asks to stop crossing hands in prohibition sign

Redheaded man's emotional blunder. Handsome guy in casual attire. Portrait of ginger man on grey background.

Young woman expresses skepticism with thumbs-down gesture

Dissatisfied woman showing thumbs down over blue background

Unsatisfied latin teenager girl hands fingers demonstrate thumbs down isolated on gray color background.

Attentive woman reacts with facepalm gesture

Confident woman in her 30s shaking her head no and waving her finger at the camera

Upset student having problem with his homework

Aerial view of dry grass and stubble burning in the field

Frowning unhappy mad woman in 30s giving two thumbs down and looking at the camera

Sad unhappy upset woman in early 30s with dark long hair pouting and frowning and looking at camera

Irritated young male shakes head and index finger in denial

Cute child expressing disapproval and rejection

5 in 1 video! The businessman express a negative gesture. Real time capture

Woman makes facepalm gesture and shakes head in frustration

A young girl with pigtails shows her finger down, shows denial, protest. Dislike, denial.

Determination and Emotion. Portrait of a Lovely Child. Close-up.

The girl disapproves on a green background

Woman walking on pathway and answering the phone, steadycam shot, slow motion sh

Disappointed blonde female demonstrating dislike gesture

Upset woman showing thumbs down in studio. Close up of unhappy girl showing dislike gesture with hand. Portrait of sad girl show thumb down sign on white background

Asian female model giving dislike in front of camera, showing thumbs down with displeased facial expressions. Businesswoman does rejection

Actress puts finger to chest questioningly and shakes head

Millennial woman in early 30s shaking her head no and looking displeased with something


Many different car dashboard lights with warning lamps illuminated. Light symbol that pops up on dashboard when something goes wrong with

Traffic Regulation. Traffic Light. Wall Street. New York.

8-in-1 video! The stunning woman disapproves and poses on a green backdrop. Real-time footage.

Two individuals wear masks and greet each other


Man upset after lacking necessary money while trying to buy stuff online on smartphone. Sad person looking at debit card after getting

Arab person showing negative sign with fingers, expressing his refusal in front of camera. Middle eastern guy does no symbol in studio


Displeased medical shows thumbs down in studio, presenting her disapproval and disagreement with dislike symbol against greenscreen. Nurse

Pensive Woman with Arms Crossed on Yellow Background

Outdoor Gathering: Diverse Friends Enjoying Time Together in Protective Suits