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Tutor With Trainee Electricians Studying For Apprenticeship Looking At Wiring Diagram On Screen

People - sitting and listen to the conference or presentation, workshop, master class - notes and pens

people at a conference or presentation, workshop, master class - legs and arms, close up

Skilled millennial male bearded speaker giving educational marketing lecture.


Cabinetmaker drills hole into lumber block, doing furniture in studio, close up. Manufacturer in shop inserting nail into piece of wood

Skilled biracial presenter educating colleagues at workplace.

Diverse creative team discussing new project, sitting together at conference room, creating new fashion collection

Carpentry industry - men working in the workshop


BIPOC artisan and apprentice compare wood art piece with schematic displayed on green screen laptop. Woodworking experts in studio

Professional speaker walking back and forth in front of display on stand presenting new product

CU: Skilled jeweler assembling gold chain with precision in well-lit workshop

Public speaker standing in front of display and whiteboard finishing his presentation and answering questions from audience

Industrial, workshop for production of handling removable devices.

Carpentry workshop: Cutting wooden detail with circular saw

Experienced woman shares idea with young leader and diverse team


in an old carpentry an elder is working the wood with traditional tools such as planer and saw

Concentrated leathersmith applies lacquer onto leather item with thin brush in shop closeup. Bearded craftsman makes original accessories in studio

A welder at work close-up

Multi-Cultural Team Of Trainees In Workshop Learn How To Assemble Hand Built Bicycle Frame Together

Group Of Apprentice Engineers Listening To Tutor In Class

Tutor Discussing Technical Drawings With Apprentice Engineer

Closeup of unrecognizable craftsman sanding piece of wood with sandpaper blowing out sawdust from table working in joinery


Macro close up of professional worker's hands sawing a tree trunk with a chainsaw in a workshop of

Drone tracking of workman controlling robotic welding equipment at factory

Marking ceramic tile before cutting close up

A brewery at night

Close Up Of Male Blacksmith Hammering Metalwork On Anvil With Sparks And Blazing Forge In Background

Working metal tools in blacksmiths workshop. Blacksmith at the workshop. Manufacturing of metal products.

Portrait of a car mechanic in a car workshop with equipment on the background


Woodworking specialist using manual sandpaper to sander lumber block, making furniture in shop during job shift. Handyman polishing surface

A large master class on creating clay products where many parents came with their children. Mothers help their children to create clay sculptures. Ubud - Indonesia - 2022

.blacksmith or welder,with its grinding smooths steel and iron,in extreme slow motion,to make the surface smooth.The grinding wheel contact with the iron causes sparks.concept:work,locksmith industry.

Auto mechanic showing to a male customer the engine error codes in auto-service. Handsome male mechanic wearing uniform, using laptop

Slow motion shot of a man soldering drone in a garage

Inside the Factory: Metal Rolling Production Process


Process of pouring and mixing black and white epoxy resin colours to create natural craft design pattern, work with epoxy resin pigments in

Fashion designers in small business startup company work in the atelier and plan business

Engineers Working On Machines In Busy Metal Workshop

Mechanic is taking tool from tool wall

Experienced mechanic fixing a car in a garage.


Boy Prototyping Electronic Project At Home

Close-up of artist creating a beautiful picture sketch in a wooden house

Experienced tailor in designer atelier, focused on work. Table with materials and tools. Tailored suits and sketches in background. Fashion concept.

Foreman standing and talking two workers with blueprints in furniture factory room

Ruler and tape measure. Measuring tools on wood background. Easy building projects.


Long metal profiles on racks in workshop, steel frames ready for processing with heavy machines and further manufacturing, metal industry


Engineer And Testing Cogwheel Mechanism

Master teaching kid to make clay pot