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"working on a laptop"
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Focused businessman working on laptop computer in office with large windows. Male worker using laptop computer at remote workplace. Serious business man looking at laptop screen in home office

Experienced businesswoman looking at financial data with graphics and charts while work on a laptop computer, young entrepreneur analyzing performance on his notebook, male freelancer work in interior

Stylish businessman working on laptop with serious face in office. Responsible approach to business. Hipster searching internet on notebook in home. Young man working on laptop computer


Young female office worker working on laptop at office, reading successful result or report and smiling , slow motion

View of female hands typing on the laptop computer. Young woman working on the laptop, close-up.

Happy young business man in khaki shirt working on the laptop in the modern office at the evening time, finishing his work and proud of resultats.

Businessman working on laptop in office at evening. Focused man working on laptop computer in home work place. Young entrepreneur using notebook in office. Home business work

self-employed working late in the office. girl in glasses works on a laptop on the background of city lights

Tired businesswoman working on a laptop, looking for inspiration for decision making, working in the office, close-up.


Business workers working over laptop together in modern office

Woman sitting on a cozy sofa and working on a laptop. Concept of remote work.

Close up of business woman working with laptop computer in office. Office worker looking at business presentation on laptop screen. Woman analyzing finance report on notebook screen.

Portrait of thoughtful man working remotely with laptop computer in home office. Closeup focused man looking laptop screen in hotel room. Handsome businessman reading document on netbook indoors.

Enthusiastic about work, young Asian businessman working on a laptop, working at office, close-up.


Working remotely on tropical holidays. Middle aged entrepreneur lady boss working on a laptop while vacationing on an island

Tired woman working on laptop computer at home. Businesswoman working on laptop with headache. Portrait of female professional with head pain at home. Fatigue person using notebook at home

Zoom in selective focus shot of hands of unrecognizable male office worker typing on laptop while working at desk

Businesswoman working at home with laptop computer and helping female child with school homework. Multitasking mom doing smart work with pc and daughter studying during coronavirus pandemic

Office worker working on his laptop and writing down the most important information

Silhouette of an attractive girl working on a laptop in an office near the window. business woman working alone

a young woman in business clothes working on a laptop sitting at a table in a cafe. business woman working in an informal setting


Woman is using laptop while sitting at her desk. Close-up view of a nice focused woman wearing eyeglasses is working on her laptop while sitting at the desk in the office.

Beautiful young european woman seated in a hammock working with a laptop on a sunset background. Concept remote worker, position freelance entrepreneur.

Woman wearing glasses is working with her laptop computer in the cozy cafe. Young blonde businesswoman wearing glasses is typing something on her laptop computer.

Dolly shot of man hands typing on laptop keyboard. Closeup male person working on grey laptop computer. Macro view of male fingers pushing keys on computer keyboard. Man using computer keyboard

Woman with laptop at home working on her laptop.

Medium shot of a young caucasian male working on his laptop. Bearded young man focused on the work while people at the bar chat and drink coffee. Typing a text.

Passionate young Asian businessman working on a laptop, working in the office, drawing up a business plan, close-up

Frustrated man working on laptop computer at home. Annoyed guy have trouble in online work at christmas holiday. Upset freelance worker closing laptop at xmas home. Tired student at holiday

Young Asisn girl typing and working on the laptop computer as freelancer while sittng at home. Businesswoman typing on a laptop, focused girl using a computer to study online work at home. Stay home.

Attractive business woman is sitting on windowsill with skyscrapers background and working on her laptop at home. Female is using laptop and then stretches

Indepedent freelance worker typing on laptop while relaxing on colorful beach in rays of setting sun. Positive hipster man working remotely using laptop pc while enjoying nature at seaside at sunset.

Closeup man hands typing on laptop keyboard. Macro of male person pressing black keys on laptop computer. Man working on modern laptop computer. Man fingers pushing buttons on keyboard

Concentrated man working on laptop computer at home. Serious businessman work laptop on sofa. Focused student studying online on notebook at home interior. Thoughtful business man work at home

Business woman working on laptop computer at home. Female professional using laptop on sofa at home office. Young woman typing notebook keyboard. Business lady using laptop for remote work online

Businesswoman Working At Desk In Modern Office Work Space With Laptop

Woman doctor working on laptop. Close up of female hands in uniform typing on laptop at medical workplace. Working hands typing laptop keyboard. Medical research concept. Health care industry

Content creator working remotely on laptop from home during night time. Videographer editing audio film montage on professional laptop sitting on desk in modern kitchen in midnight

Closeup businessman working late on laptop computer night office. Portrait of tired businessman switching off notebook at remote workplace. Exhausted man working overtime.


Mobile Office at home. Young woman sitting in kitchen at home working using on laptop computer. Lifestyle girl studying or working indoors. Freelance business quarantine concept

Closeup multiracial business people working remote on laptops in open space. Thoughtful startup team using laptop computers in coworking. Multi ethnic business team working at workplace in office

Muslim woman working on a laptop in the office with her Christian coworkers. Closeup portrait of young muslim businesswoman in hijab using the laptop indoors in the apartment

Woman sitting on a cozy sofa and working on a laptop. Concept of remote work.

Likable professional confident adult businesslady in glasses and orange jacket sitting at home office and talking on phone with partner or worker while working on laptop and with business papers

Young laughing blonde business woman sitting on the light office and working on the laptop. Other workers stay near the window and discussing some startup ideas.


Young businessman in the city sits on bench, takes a laptop and works. Businessman typing on laptop computer outdoor. Man in suit working with laptop while sitting on bench. Remote work concept

Young bearded man working as freelancer on laptop. Man working on laptop in office with windows background.

Frustrated business woman working on laptop in late office. Upset woman working on laptop computer in night office. Business woman looking bad business report